By: Maria Tonu

– In your life, a castle, did you see?

– Yes, I did, the answer was.

–Where and which was the cause?

–In my soul. Castles are where we want to be.


The smallest message, in fact,

With the greatest impact

It's the one written on a tear

Of pain, of joy, of cheer…


Give books as a present. The clothes became time worn,

Money is spent, sweets soon are consumed,

Withered flowers second day not assumed.

The book is the spring and a full cup of a wisdom!


The tree stripped of leaves,

To face the cold as a shore,

Salutes the sky conceives

Like a man in hoar.


Let's just settle for a little.

The little makes always the full.

When we put a lot of mettle

We don't offer to the universe a lull.


Through the crowd, in a very light dress,

I'm walking as a nameless

As you or she, without a guitar,

But, among us often blossoms a star.


We are the sand ready to flee

Returning back to his sea

Or we became, so far

A name, in the sky a new star?


The springtime in the calendar was born,

But around is covered with gloom.

Through rain and snow storm

The lilac hoped to bloom.


Please, realize, it's not too hard

And regard:

Who sells you once,

He always will drive you nuts!


Each one is special

And he steers as he can:

As a bird, as a petal,

As a leaf or a happy man.


I'm trying to do something good for our life

And I dedicate myself completely as a fife

In the anthem. The phone rings like in a mist

And he's not a friend, and he's not a beast…


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