Interview with Jodi Perkins
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Per her request we have sent the Myth Master on a wild goose chase by telling him that Stephanie stole his cookies (Sorry Steph). So instead, please enjoy a calming less intimidating interview with Kevin Adams.

Jodi Perkins is a middle school teacher moonlighting as a writer of contemporary fantasy, mythology, and dystopian fiction. She lives with her hubby, two kids, and a handful of pets in one of those foggy little mountain towns that could be the setting for a horror flick. In addition to roughing out stories, Jodi loves to paint, draw, feed the blue jays and squirrels, shoot her compound bow (not at the blue jays and squirrels), camp, sunbathe, read, and stay up way too late. Her dream is to write full-time some day.

She also gets a little freaked out referring to herself in the third person. Jodi had been keeping herself quite busy since we last met, shall we check in on her and see how she's doing?

Dearest World of Myth fans,

I'd like to take a moment to apologize for the lateness in my interview submission, my life has been filled with tremendous turmoil as of late and I simply couldn't function fast enough to get a proper written section for you. I honestly hope that you all forgive me and I hope that you enjoy the podcast I created for you.

I'm never really sure that anyone truly enjoys anything I create here, as I rarely see comments on it, but I am hoping that it brings happiness to you. Regards, Kevin Adams – – – –> Click HERE for a 'normal' podcast