The Right to Happiness
By: Maria Tonu

Happiness is for a moment and a lifetime is not forgotten, or happiness lasts a lifetime and no moment is observed.

Women see with their ears, and men with their stomachs.

Dora, let's taste the Tree of Heaven.

Others also tasted. See where they came from?

They have opened the way for us.

To sin?

George was very unhappy that he was making so much of a way to Dora, and she, one - two and running home. He once said to her:

It's cold outside, why are we in the road, why don't you invite me into the house?

It's still cold in the house. I haven't made a fire yet. I just came home from work.

There's two of us, we're warming up somehow.

Good night, George.

If you still hold me at the gate, I won't come.

Well, and great disgust, said Dora, outraged by his ultimatum.

Let me kiss you. I'm coming, I'm coming because you're my darling.

Dear today, dear tomorrow, until he still convinced Dora to allow him to come in the house. He'd been in her house before, but there was always something special that kept him out of his desires. He was in a hurry to get to Dora as soon as possible. He missed her. He dreamed of her in his arms to kiss her passionately, according to his character. When he got to her house, he saw it was dark. He went into the yard with the intention of knocking on the door, but saw the large lock caught in the rings and remained on the porch to wait patiently. About a quarter of an hour later Dora came home. She was crying, upset and with a bruise under her right eye. She had a weepy face, upset and with a bruise under her right eye.

What's happened, sweetheart?

Oh, George, the manager of the wine factory was arrested today. Around six o'clock, a few men from the district arrived, two dressed in a uniform unknown to me and two militiamen, two others were civilians. Her husband and their 3-year-old son were also present. They usually come and take her home in the evenings. The men bounce the office and handcuffed her, shoved her. The child began to cry, fell down in front of her, she stepped on it and came out with empty eyes. The husband wanted to ask something, but those in unknown uniform hit him and took him in the truck. The baby took Mara, their neighbor, who works with me.

What's the cause?

I heard from Mara that someone from the district tried to seduce her, she turned him down and he has now taken revenge on her.

But, you, why are you being beaten?

The men took me and Lena to the warehouse, questioned us if we were stealing wine. When I said we weren't stealing, they beat us up. Blood started pouring down my nose, I fainted and fell down. The men in civilian clothes stripped the Lena and raped her. When I recovered after faint, frightened Lena was bleeding on the floor. Her dirge resounded throughout the slum. We got up, washed our faces and got out of the factory.

George hugged her and, happy that she escaped unharmed, he said:

Don't go more to the winery. Quit. Come to the kolkhoz1, and a thought has blossomed in his mind: willingly or unwillingly, but the hour has come for Dora to taste the Tree of Heaven. The situation was ideal for supreme pleasure.

Dora, feeling George's intention, said to him:

Let's see each other another time. I'm tired and scared. I want to sleep.

George proposed to go for a walk on the bank of the river that is not far from the village. Dora agreed. They took the cherry basket and left accompanied by the harmony of nightly sounds. George's insistence, the avalanche of tenderness and the sea of promises was over the edge of bleak imagination, fear and the ocean of Dora's doubts. She was also thinking about the fate of Lena, who was defiled, that evening, and a voice urged her to listen to her beloved, desired and so expected lover in her life. George had experience with a neighbor of his, who had a husband, was a mother of three, but it also greeds for other men, but Dora was at the beginning. The impulses have come into conflict with the conventions of good. The psyche, trying to maintain a permanent balance between desires and what is allowed, has let itself be carried away. The moral consciousness or voice of God in the soul of the believer, voice that always urges him to respect the divine law, has not been heard by Dora's mind, who was orphaned by her parents from an early age, suffered heavy illness and did not communicate with reality, she didn't really have life lessons about what's right and what's wrong. The power of her soul was weak, overcame the power of her body.

Patience has been transparent. The unconscious structure of the self has gone crazy. Flabbily, drowsy she was seduced and penetrated. She felt immense voluptuousness and an endless chain of waves that made her happy and wild. George had wandered a little in that avalanche that excited him and gave him the sweetest night of his life. Both who had no idea, as most young people know nothing, about sexuality, were lost in that immensity. George had "cheats" with other women during his marriage, as he bragged to friends, over a drink, that he liked to "enjoy" always fruits from the Tree of Heaven, tried all the techniques he invented to make wild in bed Nina, his wife, but no, the evening with Dora was unique to both. An unforgettable evening, which nine months later had eyes, demanded food insistently and remained a bitter taste for parents all his life for the short pleasure, but made against all laws.

Dora changed the course of her destiny that evening from a young lady to a single woman with a child harassed on all sides and inhibited in social and societal complexes to the core. When George found out that Dora was pregnant, on his mother's advice, he quickly married another girl. He made a beautiful family with three children.

George committed a crime for which he did not answer to the law, but not to anyone, in fact, that the man, if he drops the hat in the dust, lifts it, shakes it and puts it in his head and goes on, that is the fate of the man, anyone says that in their culture, but the woman if she steps crooked at least once, she remains for the rest of her life. She only gets it wrong once and pays her whole life. George is a social executioner for abandoning his natural child. He committed social crime and did not respond because there is still no law in his country, nor in other countries, perhaps, law that would force the man to answer for the fate of the natural child born outside of marriage. The woman pays multiple: pregnancy, birth, child's education, her social status and her fate, and the man remains clean from all this business which is called fornication after the Bible, but also many other appreciations in every culture and religion. There are places where the death penalty is applied by throwing stones at the one guilty of infidelity towards the husband but also of divinity, society. The punishment is publicized and takes place in public under the sorrowful eyes of relatives. Fear often prevails over instincts. There is a theory that every step taken in the present will resonate in the future. But instincts often prevail over fear, too. Lacking confidence that there will be new chances, women are living the moment of sin. Then they go through a life with their eyes on the ground and they only have that night which is often the first and last night of love, the first thrill and, if she is lucky, she tastes the glass of pleasure, if not, she doesn't know what it's like to be a woman. These momentary wanderings have put, put and will put on the life scale so many destinie… Ignorance of the laws does not exempt you from the penalty for sin. Everything is paid for. Everything is coming back. This process, on the other hand, raises you and always lowers you in front of the world, in front of your own soul, in front of your own eyes. You can break the bone of your forehead from the floor of your house or church, but if you have no spiritual connection with the universe, the Lord cannot help you. He can't. Breaking some worldly laws causes chaos around you. The flower hit by the stick or the frost for the bouquet is no longer good.


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