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By: Moviegoer Grim

Hey Boy and Girls! Welcome to the world in the bubble edition of Movie Reviews. Sincerely, I never thought that last month would be the last time I were to step foot inside a movie theater for some time to come. So, like the rest of the world, I am stuck at home and have very little options in the way of watching brand new motion pictures that I did promise to bring to you every month.

So a few production companies decided to put out a flick or two that you can stream online for the unbelievable of $19.99, but a promise is a promise and I shelled up the goods to bring to you all a review of a new movie. While I admit there was not a lot of options (it came down between The Hunt and Trolls World Tour) and I just could not bring myself to watch something cutesy.

Now, I sat on this film for a few days before actually watching it. As we are living in a world where everyone is a political expert but has never taken a political science class—I was very hesitant to go into a movie that was being advertised to be politically motivated.

But, again kids, a promise is a promise. I dropped the buckage and went into the film with low expectations, which is always the best thing to have for a movie. It almost always turns out more enjoyable and this is the case.

I chose The Hunt, which was directed by newcomer Craig Zobel (well, he's not really a newcomer, this is his fourth film, but I have no clue about the other three). Co–written by Nick Cuse, who I know from his award–winning storytelling from The Watchmen series. So, I did have little hope, that and doing a little more homework afterward, I found it was based on a short story from 1924 titled, The Hounds of Zaroff, which was penned by Richard Connell.

We begin the flick as a woman named Athena is chatting in a group chat and talks about how excited she was about the hunt of deplorables. Which leads into one of the biggest WTF moment (trust me there are a bunch), as we are now on a private jet and a man staggers of the back, confused and scared to be killed by Athena herself (although we do not see her face).

After that, we jump to a hand full of people waking up, gagged they in a forest. As they wander about the see a crate in the clearing of said forest. Once the pop that bad boy open, they find a butt–load of weapons and keys to unlock the gagged. In the rush of being freed from the kinky gags and picking a weapon of choice, people begin to get shot by people who are in hiding with high powered weapons of their own (this is where the previous statement about not picking you favorite comes into play).

The hand full of people who didn't get whacked, made a run for it, and soon find a road where they have to jump a barbed–wired fence to get to their freedom.

Three survive that challenge and are on the road until they come upon the first sign of civilization in the form of a small gas station. Once inside the three barricade the door and confront a seemingly scared elderly couple who worked behind the counter Miranda and Julius (but they call each other Ma and Pop). The three Hunted are told they are now in a rural route in Arkansas, and learn that the three are from different states, in doing such they realize that their current situation is similar to a conspiracy theory known as Manorgate.

In another WTF moment, we learn the old couple is a part of the hunt and kill the three remaining people! The get word by way of walkie talkie that there is another person on their way to the story, quickly Ma and Pop clean and reset the station for their next victim.

In comes the next character in the tale, Crystal, who walks into the station. She tries to play it cool and asks for a pack of cigarettes, but something did not set right when she was told they were six dollars. Before Ma could pull out a sawed–off shotgun from under the counter, Crystal reacts and slams the old lady's face into the counter and snatches to weapon and kills Pop, explaining that six bucks was way too expensive for cigarettes in the state of Arkansas.

Once outside she sees an old pickup truck, and she investigates finds a set of Croatian plates beneath fake Arkansas ones. Enter another character, Gary, who was a conspiracy theorist podcaster. Dumb as a bunch of bricks find and follow a set of rail road tracks until they are able to jump inside and open boxcar—which of course is occupied by refugees, who Gary believes are Crisis Actors (which are people who are trained actor, role player, volunteer, or other person engaged to portray a disaster victim during emergency drills to train first responders such as police, firefighters or EMS personnel…you're welcomed I had to look that up too). In all that chaos, the train is stopped and raided by Croatian Soldiers.

In an amusing scene, Gary tried to explain to the soldiers that that they are victims of Manorgate and the refugees are just actors. When the soldiers turned away, one of the refugees turn and told the podcaster he was they only actor in the bunch and that what was happening was not part of the plan. Said they needed to play it cool and if they did, are they are freed to go, he would allow them to have a head start before he killed them. Enraged, Gary grabbed a grenade the guys had and shoved it down the actor's pants until it exploded and blew him to kingdom come!

After that, Crystal is taken to a refugee camp, where she is introduced to another American prisoner, Don (who I remember seeing briefly when everyone woke up). After a bunch of rambling our two heroes are now being transported to an American Embassy, and are inside a car with U.S. Diplomat, Oliver. This scene was fantastic in my opinion, the tension was there right out the gate! While the three traveled down the road, the conversation felt as if Don was being led to admit the wrongdoing of the Conservative people, by Oliver. Crystal picked this up and decided to kick the weaselly mediator from the moving car, grabs control of the vehicle and runs him over (nothing like an old fashion run down).

They pull over and investigate the car and find Gary dead in the trunk along with a map. After that Crystal goes into a monologue which was an odd version of the Tortoise and the Hare called the Jackrabbit and the Box Turtle where the Jackrabbit kills the Box Turtle after losing the race (which I'm still not one hundred percent why that was even in the film, but it was messed up and disturbing, so I'm cool with it).

It was decided that Crystal and Don would follow the map to Oliver's destination which led to a bunker her we find the Hunters and their Survival/Military expert Sergeant Dale. With the help of a little bait, Crystal quickly kills all the hunters, only to find out that Don was a plant as Athena (from the beginning of the flick) calls out from a shortwave radio for Don to kill Crystal. She hoped that he wasn't a plant, but when he refused to put down his gun, she had no other choice then to kill him. Before she leaves, she finds that Sergeant Dale (I don't know why I keep wanting to call him Lieutenant Dan) is still alive and tortures him a bit until she gets the location of Athena, learns Dale never saw combat, but was in the National Guard, while Crystal had as she was an Afghanistan Veteran –eventually after the conversation went stale she popped him in the head.

Then, Zobel (you know, the director of the film), drops a little Quentin Tarantino on us and goes into a flashback. We learn that the text message in the beginning was only a joke mocking the people who believed in the Manorgate conspiracy, which cost her and (who would become the hunters) their profitable jobs.

With revenge in mind, they folks who lost their jobs decided to gather up believers in Manorgate, each rated on their suitability.

We go back to Crystal at the front gate of Athena's manor, after leaving where sidearm in a mailbox, she was allowed to enter and confront the mastermind of all of the killing herself. In a fun twist of fate, as Athena tells Crystal about the redneck, druggy parents and her life as a loser as an adult, it is revealed that Crystal was the wrong person who Athena believed her to be there was another in their Mississippi town is a similar name: "I get her mail from time to time."

Zobel tapped into his inner Quentin Tarantino once more and gives us a brutal and bloody fight (it was great)! Toward the end of the battle all throughout the house, Athena impales Crystal with a blade from a food processor—only to be turned around and used against her.

As they lie on the kitchen floor, Athena asked if Crystal was actually the wrong person, which replied in standard southern manner, "Yes maam."

Athena would go on to die, but not before saying, "Whoops."

In that moment the viewer is unsure if Crystal would die as well, until she sees a jackrabbit hop (no kidding) into the house. The woman willed herself back to her feet and temporally mended her wounds, after which she steals Athena's clothes and board her private jet to go back home to the United States.

This may have turned into one of my favorite flicks at the moment! While I will publicly admit that I was insulted and got my feathers ruffled a few times during the movie, I realized it was meant to. Rather you are a conservative or liberal, there are shots taken at both—if it offends you get over it, because I did and realized it was a ballsy move that is very rarely taken in this day and age of overly political correctness. For Craig Zobel's The Hunt I give it four and a half stop taking yourself so seriously stars! Watch this film with an open mind, no matter what side of the fence you stand on and enjoy the ride!

All right gang! That is it for this issue, I would love to hear your thoughts on my review of this controversial movie—As always, don't take my would for it, so see it and judge it for yourselves!

Until Next time!

I remain…
Moviegoer Grim

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