The Invaders
By: John Grey

So they took a few trees…
okay, a lot of trees…
in fact, every tree.
Everything growing actually.
Even the top soil.
But at least they left us with the minerals.
At least, so we thought.
But then down came the heavy machinery.
And it was goodbye gold, goodbye silver,
goodbye copper, silver, lead and zinc.

We're Earth.
We're more than just natural resources.
We have brains.
We're creative.
Now if only they hadn't
filched all the books,
the art-work, the music.

Thankfully, they didn't kill us.
If only they had.
We're left to die a slow death
until there's nothing here
but a barren planet,
and a bunch of corpses.

forget about the corpses.
Their medical students need specimens.
They have pets to feed.


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