Home Again
By: Christopher Bice

I remember as a child sent out to play
For me the summers were glorious days
Playing cowboys and army tag
Winners, losers, both still bragged
Blood brothers' friends for life
Both fearing the cut of the knife

Grade school allowed us time to play
Until my best friend moved away
I watched as the moving truck left that day
Vowing never again to be hurt that way

At high school I was always alone
Hormones raging, I reaped what was sown
A fight that I took a bit too far
My new home, a room behind bars
Two years lost being a fool
But I learned much, in that school

A freak accident took my parents away
I no longer had any reason to stay
I left that day the highways to roam
Knowing it was the last time I'd see home

Stopped somewhere along the way
Got a job and a place to stay
Thought I was in love and took a wife
Found she was living a secret life
So once again I took to the road
Working odd jobs to buy white gold

Excitement pulsing through my vein
It's a release from trouble and pain
I've done things of which I'm not proud
Living life under a cold black shroud

A secret was nagging me every day
I longed for those summer days at play
The liquid gold allowed me to dream
The more I took the more real it seemed

Tonight, I decided I wanted to play
So, in my dreams forever I would stay
Tears of joy running down my face
Home again to my special place
My spirit soared as I started to twitch
I left this cruel world face down in a ditch.


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