Review of Minecraft PE for the iPad
By: Kevin Magnus

There are a very few things in this bleak world that brings me happiness and pure unadulterated enjoyment which believe it or not, is just exactly that. Yes, I publicly admit that I love to play today's game we are about to review, Mojang's Minecraft Pocket Edition for the iPad. Now, I am aware that there are versions for PS4, Xbox, PC and Android, but I personally find myself playing on my iPad in the middle of the night, instead of writing my Emoetry (sound it out, copyright, Kev).

If you are new to the game and have never played, when you load up the app you get to make your own world and have an option to be Creative or Survival. Personally, I rock the Creative Mode which its only objective is to build, build, blow–up and then build some more! One thing that I did not know for a long time, is if you double tap the jump button, your character is able to fly around, and for me, I find it easier to create while you can build from a distance and see things fall in order better than when you are at eye level.

I guess, I should talk about survival mode too to be fair. Okay, there is a survival mode too. There I talked about it. Just kidding. While it is not my personal fav, it does not mean hundreds of thousands of others feel the same way. In Survival, the objective is different, which you might guess by the name alone. Yep, you guessed it, the idea is to stay alive here and you do so by eating sheep, killing zombies and all the while you continue to build.

Both modes also bring a day and night into play, which makes the setting more real—yes, I just said that in a block building game.

In respect of gameplay in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) it is fairly straight forward and simple. You control things with the buttons found at the bottom of the screen. First up is in the lower–left corner your directional pad while on the right side is the jump button, but again if you double tap, it becomes the fly mode and you can adjust how close or far you can get.

In the middle, between the walking and fly/jump buttons you will find a button with three dots, this is how you can select things you need to build with—just a side note, if you play in creative, you have everything you need, but in survival you have to find everything and archive it.

In my opinion I find that Minecraft PE makes building anything, either placing or destroying blocks easier than say, the PS4 or Xbox version of the game does. For example, if you want to place a block, pick the block you want to place and tap the screen where you want to place it and bam finished. If you want to destroy something, place your finger on the thing that you want gone and it will crumble beneath your mighty finger!

I recommend that you check it out, I have been building my current world for almost two years, now, and have created a cool little place that I find relaxing and fun to create at the same time. I plan perhaps one day; I will finish that world and will start Gotham! Yeah baby!

As we wrap this bad boy up, Minecraft PE gives its players a fair balance between the classic desktop version that make this game popular in the first place and optimized the best parts from a mobile platform. I was happy with how the game pulled on the iPad's battery—I can (and have) played it for hours at a time and honestly feel that this version is worth every dime!

I do not know if we still do a start rating on this, but I personally give Minecraft PE Four and half starts , the only thing that I feel keeps it for a perfect score is the inability to play your would on different devices, we do live in the would of the cloud and think that if anyone could play their world from anyway would perhaps make it as good as a game like this gets!