They Had No Idea
By: Gabriella Balcom

A couple strolled through Dublin late at night, chattering. Most of the city's residents were home, in church, or celebrating St. Patrick's Day at local taverns.

Long after everyone had gone to bed, wind came in from the east, blowing over the tops of the shamrocks blanketing some meadows outside town. One plant quivered, then another, and soon they all did. A faint tremor ran through the earth, and the shamrocks started moving, flowing in unison across the ground.

Once they'd entered Dublin, the illusion dropped, revealing hundreds and hundreds of serpents.

"Hit them hard and fast," their leader hissed. "Our magic concealed our advance, so they had no idea we were coming."

"Saint Patrick isn't here to chase us away this time," his second-in-command added. "And his supporters are no longer vigilant."

Snakes slithered in all directions, and shrieks of terror and pain soon rang out.



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