Mistress of Darkness
By: Gabriella Balcom

"The idiot at the pet store thought I wanted you as a pet because Easter is coming," Gamilia sneered. "I have something else in mind. But if you're bad, even once, I'll skin you alive and eat you."

Wyni cowered in the farthest corner of her cage, trembling even after the witch walked away.

Gamilia trained the rabbit as her familiar, soon giving her the ability to speak. The sorceress complained that she typically used cats, but hers had been incorrigible, refusing to obey orders.

Hoping to stay alive, Wyni was careful to be obedient and respectful, doing exactly as told. But she could tell the witch despised her. In fact, Gamilia hated all animals and people. When she made it clear she intended to destroy every one of them, including her familiar, Wyni began formulating her own plans.

She assisted Gamilia at her cauldron one day, adding ingredients. The sorceress didn't notice the familiar substituting some for others and slipping in extras. She screeched when Wyni leapt on her, bit her, then spat the witch's blood into the mixture.

Gamilia raised her arm to cast a spell, but Wyni began chanting one of her own. The witch found herself unable to use magic, and she started to shrink. "No!" she raged, powerless to do anything.

When she was the size of a bug, the rabbit pounced, crunching her body into bits.

Wyni said another spell and began expanding. "No more being yelled at," she murmured, once she was almost the same size as the dead witch. "No more being hit. No more serving. Now I'm the Mistress of Darkness."

Customers came from miles around for her help, and help them she did, especially animals with vicious masters and mistresses. That was her specialty, and her legend steadily grew.



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