Review of Sonic the Hedgehog
By: Moviegoer Grim

Hey gang welcome back to The World of Myth Movie reviews, and this month we are looking at a brand–new flick, that may possibly still be in theaters. As a kid of the 80 and 90s, I was there when Sega Genesis hit the public and introduced the world to the super speeding manual known as Sonic the Hedgehog.

I remember playing the game for the first time and felt as if I was a part of an interactive Saturday Morning Cartoon, (although the cartoon would not come out until 1993). Then two more years later in 1995, there was an announcement that a Sonic live–action movie was scheduled to be made, but along the way that spark died out and ended up in Production Hell (it's a real place, definitely Google it).

As I went on with adulthood, I slipped away from video games and would intermittently come across Sonic throughout the years. So, when I heard that there was going to be a live action Sonic the Hedgehog, I was not overly excited as compared to my kids. Then, last year was the release of the first trailer and the little blue ball of speed and he was (as my son said it), "Horrendous."

So, the director Jeff Fowler, pulled it and had Sonic's CG team recreate the character that has turned into a pop culture icon over the last twenty–nine years. During the overhaul the story and character seemed to fade away—at one point it was rumored that the reshoots and development cost so much the studio pulled the plug.

So, coming into this year's 2020 release of Sonic the Hedgehog, I wasn't expecting much. But my kids wanted to go see it, and well, I'm a big fat sucker for my children. So, armed with a large popcorn and a larger soda, I am reintroduced to the world of the running and talking hedgehog.

Now, it wasn't an adaption of the game, but a re–imagining of it. In this version Sonic is an extraterrestrial creature, who is convened by Longcraw to go into hiding because his powers made him a target by those who seek it. Shortly thereafter a group of echidnas (I was waiting for Knuckles to show up but didn't) attacked Sonic and his Stepparent/Owl. Longcraw gave Sonic a bag of golden rings that allows the holder to travel from place to place—and in that moment it was decided that Earth was the safest place to hide. We never learn the fate of Longclaw as we transition into Green Hills, Montana a good ten years later and we are introduced to his boring life and lack of interpersonal communication. Completely alone, Sonic finds himself stalking the townsfolk in their daily lives but takes a special liking to Tom and his wife, Maddie—we come in as he has got gotten word that he has a new job outside of Montana.

With the stage set, Sonic has to not only adapt to interacting with humans in a multi–range of motivating factors (some want to be his friends, some want to run and at least one wants to dissect him and see how he ticks), which is the perfect introduction to the film's lead antagonist, Dr. Robotnik, who is performed by the talented Jim Carrey! As an ode, to the game, they go on a long journey and battle Robotnik's robots along the way, until Sonic comes face to face, with the main boss!

This movie was a delight to consume, in a world of movies being over inflated with specialty group agenda, this film does not. It was meant for the young and old, fan and newcomer. It was a story about the power of love and friendship, and despite being a little blue sonic powered creature from another planet, we all need to be cared about.

With a solid story, fantastic special effects and outstanding performances from James Marsden, Tika Sumpter and Jim Carrey (who I thought was so over the top that it made him lovable), I award Sonic the Hedgehog four sonic spinning stars and highly recommend it for a family friendly flick for all ages!

All right, kids, that is it for me this month. Next time, I will review a brand–new film, drop me suggestions for what I should go see and review!

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Moviegoer Grim

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