Review of Jay & Silent Bob: Reboot
By: Moviegoer Grim

Hello Boys and Girls! I'm baaaaack. For those of you who are newish to the magazine, I am known as Moviegoer Grim. I've been around since December of 2004 and thought I was retiring in 2017 with that Godawful Last Jedi train wreck.

So much for wishful thinking.

Although it is 2020 and no one has needed my insight into modern cinema (if that is what you call it nowadays)…My God…I sound like Reaper Rick! If you do not know who he was, do your self a favor and look him up in the contributors page.


Right! Movie Review! Totally!

Okay, so some new lady called me nice like and asked if I could write a movie review. I was like, "Uh…, hi." So, it turns out that since I last left for retirement, the changing of the guards happened and this very friendly lady was now Editor in Chief of The World of Myth! PS. She is Canadian, hence the pleasant disposition. EH!

So what are we gonna talk aboot today, eh?

Anyone that knows me (and considering the lack of phone calls I get, I think they all died, buy, yeah…you know for argument sake), knows that I am a very large and equally rounded Kevin Patrick Smith fan.

…What? You know, Kevin Smith—Aka Silent Bob!

While the flick hit the big screen, this week was quite literally the release of Jay & Silent Bob: Reboot. It a big wet nasty kiss, with just the right amount of tongue to the last twenty–five years of his career, from movies to podcasts. From View Askew to Smodcast Picture. Kevin revisits the characters that created him a cult favorite!

One of the big things that you will notice is that softer toned down version of the Jay & Silent Bob Universe—perhaps it is a direct effect from the heart attack in 2018 or the fact that he is just that high and emotional.

The basis of the flick is a spin off from Jay & Silent Bob: Strike Back, but this time the Jersey card–carrying stoners are going back to Holly–Weird to stop the reboot of the Bluntman V. Chronic movie that will be directed by, wait for it… wait for it… Kevin Smith. Yeah, Silent Bob and Kevin Smith are in the same room, oh…there is a reason way.

Honestly, beyond the raunchy humor, there is a deep, deep story about family and the lesson that it is never too late to step you to your responsibilities as a parent. There are scene in this movie that will pull on your heartstrings and make you have the feels.

But, before I conclude, I think it is worth noting that it feels like Kevin concluded a few of his stories and in surprising fashion, but you are totally going have to check out the movie yourself. I am excited to be a Kevin Smith fan again, I do believe as a write and director this is some of his strongest work to date. And, what about Jason Mewes?! Knocked it out of the ballpark and, I will go on record in saying this is by far the best acting we have ever seen out of Silent Bob's heterosexual life mate!

So with all of that said, I give Jay & Silent Bob: Reboot four foul mouth, pot smoking snoochie boochie stars! I hear that he is working on either Clerks III of Mallrats 2, it doesn't matter bring it may way and take my money!

Until Next time…
I remain,

Moviegoer Grim

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