Interview with Ed Bickford
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

As I prepare to descend upon California, I decided I wanted to invite another artist into the lair! Now usually they never respond, whether it's out of fear or they are just to ‘busy' I'll never know.

So I was quite surprised when my next guest actually stepped up to the plate and decided to brave my questions! With his snarky wit he entered my presence and perhaps proved himself worthy.

Enough about all that, here's the skinny on my next guest.

Edwin B. Bickford III (Ed) is a Kansas City area based illustrator who lives with his wife, 3 children, and 2 dogs. Ed has done self–publishing of his own comics and magazines. He is constantly drawing and/or painting. Ed has a day job for health insurance and is an office worker when he isn't drawing comics or making illustrations.

Ed has been drawing all his life and since he can first remember. He was enlisted in the United States Air Force and left for boot camp 2 weeks out of High School. He then fixed copy machines for another 5 years until he had the opportunity to use his GI Bill and go to college for art at the age of 33. He went to Central Missouri State University for Commercial Art with an emphasis in illustration. On the first day of illustration class the instructor said that only 1% of you will actually make it doing illustrations when you graduate. Ed thought to himself that he was going to be that one percent.

After college Ed kept pursuing his dream of being a comic book artist by making various comics books until one day he didn't have anything coming up for a big comic con and his friend suggested he do an art book with all the robots he was drawing instead of worrying about making a comic. So he started making the illustrations. After completing the illustrations he was posting them on social media to show everyone what he had been doing and another friend had taken a few of the illustrations and added the old pulp magazine titles to them—Ed could not un–see what was made. Ed started making mock up or faux used pulp magazine and novel covers as wall art prints.

Recently Ed has given up on his comic book aspirations. But, he has redoubled his efforts in illustration after some soul searching and realizing that he really never looked up to very many comic book artists as a kid growing up and instead did look up to the illustrators like Frank Frezetta, Boris Valejo, John Berkey, Robert McGinnis, and many more fantasy and sci fi illustrators. 12 years of struggling to make something of himself in the comic book community and then it seemed like overnight he had success as an sci fi and fantasy illustrator. He now has been published multiple times in Infinite Worlds Magazine and The World of Myth magazine and now has expanded his publications to RPG books and magazines.

Ed plans on doing illustrations for sci fi and fantasy for a very long time. You can check out Ed's faux magazine covers on his page on Facebook called Metal Robot. He started with Robot Pulp which was just robot based illustrations and Metal Robot became the catch all for everything else—its like his own Heavy Metal Magazine.

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