Alien Exchange
By: Copper Rose

"Do you think we should intercept them? I mean, we've given them every opportunity to advance but they still seem focused on money and murder. It might be time to switch it up a little." Sp–rk said.

K~b thought for a minute. "What if we stage an earthquake followed by a tsunami like we did in 3786 BC followed by a plague that will result in spontaneous fires that will wipe out all but the ones living on the mountain tops? That way there will only be a few written records left for the hill people to follow, the records written in stone. You know how bad their memories are, always having to write things down."

"Yes. The hill people seem like a hearty bunch, kind and helpful toward each other. Money is hard for them to come by, so they don't rely on it as much as the villagers in the valleys. The hill people aren't easily swayed."

"I like that idea. Then we don't have to mess with switching out nucleotides in their DNA chains. It always takes so long to track the progress of the earth people when we start from scratch."

"Or non–progress."

"Yes. Let's do it. Should we do a shake or a rattle to elicit the earthquake?"

"How about an under–ocean roll?"

"Oh, we haven't done one of those in centuries! Can I push the button?"

"Alright, but I get to push it next time."


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