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  • Welcome To The World Of Myth

    Welcome to issue Eight of the "World of Myth". The big news this month will actually take place next month, when we will switch over from the current to (drum roll, please)

    Hazzah! That's right, we finally have enough clout--with over 2,000 hits a month--to play with the big boys and move up to a dot com address. There will be no noticeable change for our readers, however, so if you forget and go to the .tk site by mistake, you will automatically be transferred over to the new site, starting next issue.

    So, what does this change mean for us, here at "THE World of Myth"? Well, for one thing, we can finally start charging everyone for stopping by and reading what's on the site and we can also...Sorry, what's that? That part was only an April Fool's joke!? Are you kidding me? You mean there still won't be any money coming in?

    Swell. Great. Terrific. Okay, fine!

    I guess the change just means we will have even more memory on hand, so we can present even more stuff for you to enjoy. For free. There, how's that?

    Okay, on to current things of interest, then. This month, we welcome a new artist to the fold. Jeremy Tindle presents us with some of his rather 'out of this world' artwork and the elusive MOK has returned with the first of his comic strip entries. L.M. Mercer shares the first part of a new story with us, as well as some new poetry while Senor Castro has offered up two new poems and we want to wish him a 'Happy Anniversary', this month, as well.

    Mr. Montoya comes back with another chapter of his series, "The End" and will present you with several preview pages of his upcoming comic, "The Underground to Nowhere". Rebecca, the 'Gurl of Myth', offers us her first movie review and we finally got a response from all of those interview requests we sent out. So, stop by the "Interview" section and see who's saying what and check out the "FYI" section to find out how you can win an autographed copy of "The Underground to Nowhere" in an upcoming issue.

    In conclusion, I would like to address some reader concerns about 'where' "The World of Myth" might be headed. To begin with, this site was set up to help writers and artists who might not otherwise have the opportunity to share their work with the public at large. Consequently, some of the work you see and read on this site may not be as polished and professional as you are used to. The whole point is to offer a sounding board for new (and established) writers and artists to have their work viewed and critiqued by our readers.

    If you see or read something you are not overly fond of, that's fine--we have individual polls for just that purpose. This gives the writer or artist an idea as to whether or not his or her work is well received or perhaps needs a bit of work. All of us here at "The World of Myth" welcome your opinions in the polls. However, there have been a few inflammatory and derogatory comments made in the Forum that we feel were unnecessary, rude and even made in ignorance.

    We offer an open Forum, where you may ask questions, give comments and generally voice your opinions regarding the site, within reasonable and intelligent limits. I do not, however, feel anyone has the right to degrade or ridicule one of our contributors, unless they themselves can produce something considerably better and are willing to submit that work for all of us to view and critique.

    The people who submit their work to us do so with the knowledge that perhaps they can improve their style and/or performance and actively seek constructive criticism. They do not, however, in any way, shape or form, deserve your contempt, especially when you offer it without giving anything in return. If you do not like a story, poem or piece of artwork, fine, that is your right. Let us know why you feel that way and offer some constructive suggestions--we all appreciate that kind of input. And, if you think you can produce something better than what you are viewing, send it in! Don't just sit back, hiding in the shadows, spouting venom in a 'holier than thou' attitude. Have the guts to show as what you're made of by actions, not mere words, or kindly shut up!

    Okay. I've taken my medication and feel aaalllllll better, now. I would also like to mention that "The World of Myth" is seeking to explore new and different avenues and visions in our attempt to bring you as much entertainment as possible. We have tried a variety of things--some of which were not well received, so they were dropped--and we will continue in our efforts to bring you new and exciting vistas to stimulate your imagination.

    That being said, we are offering a look at Mr. Montoya's new comic creation, as well as a comic strip from MOK. That does not mean we will be switching over to a completely animated format. We are merely trying to entertain as many readers as possible with a variety of offerings. And, by moving to a dot com address, we will hopefully be able to bring you even more new and exciting subject material. We do still value your opinions, so please continue to let us know how you feel, either in the Forum or via e-mail.

    We are here but for one purpose--to entertain and enlighten you, the reader. So, please, go forth and enjoy!

    Terry D. Scheerer
    Editor in Chief
    The World of Myth

    See why the fun never stops at the World Of Myth!..

    Story of the Month

    As we burst through the doors and were welcomed by the warmth of the sun, I did not realize just how dim that structure had been. The sudden flash of light temporarily blinded us, but we continued to move toward the SUV. Click Here for David K. Montoya's The End Part 3!

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