Merry Christmas
By: Gabriella Balcom

Hello to every one of you.
I'm sending good wishes your way.
May any higher power you believe in
watch over you and keep you safe today.

Sadly, I'm working now (and tomorrow, too),
but I'll try not to sigh, grimace, or groan.
Instead, I'll focus on my beloved family,
my blessings, and the happiness I've known.

If you're taking a break from writing, all right.
If not, may you be guided or inspired
to write the next best-selling stories
which will bring you all your desires.

May your inner motivation run strong,
any illness or woes be few.
And, may positives, peace, and plenty
surround you all the day through.

A lovely Christmas eve I wish for you
with oodles of happiness and cheer.
May your Christmas day be nicer yet—
full of joy and all that you hold dear.



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