A Christmas Thrill
By: Nerisha Kemraj

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the town,
people were indoors counting the hours down.
As the snow flakes danced outside, blanketing the earth,
the little ones tried to stay awake to see Santa — such mirth.
But deep in the shadows, in the darkness of the night.
He stood in the cold, stalking. And waiting.
Ready to strike.
He watched as Little Jenny laid out cookies and milk,
wiping her hands on pyjamas of silk.
And when all the children were tucked safe in bed,
he crept through the window, dressed in all red.
All the lights were out and nobody was awake,
He smiled with glee.
All their lives he would take.
He waited all day, and now it was here,
The thrill of the kill,
how they'd cower with fear.
A gift to himself, and one to silence the voice.
He knew he had to it, there was no other choice.



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