Snow Magic!
By: Melissa Small

Ever wonder how the first snow is made?

It's not all that science stuff you are told that just keeps the mundane happy.

It's Magic! Real Magic!

I guess I should explain who I am. I am Lord Pat'eli' McGynn the 4th. I'm a Snow Fairy not to be mistaken for a Frost Fairy, Blizzard Fairy or a Water Fairy. I'm a Snow Fairy I only deal with snow occasions like the First snow, Yule, The Jolly Santa route and now because it got written in to our contract Skier's snow. Like I have time to stop by every snow hill.

To make Magic snow we fairies start in the fall going as you call it door to door on our magical hares that give us a lift around checking on all the animals, the birds, the bugs and the trees. We make sure they are all ready for the first snow to fall and then we plan how it is to fall. As every first snow is not the same as the year before. We pride ourselves on each and every snow flake we make. All are unique and original.

That's correct every snow flake is made by hand by fairies. We can't tell you all the secrets but I can tell you this, every snow flake carries a magic to it and every snow flake carries a wish. Not just for humans but for all of nature.

For us Winter is a very busy time of the year. But most important is the first snow fall, Yule eve and Santa's visit of course but also ski hills, toboggan hills and snow days. We pride ourselves on getting more snow days then the Ice Fairies do.

So now you know where your snow comes from. Stop complaining about it or we will send more to your yard. Enjoy winter and all its magic.

I must go as Snow doesn't make itself.


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