The Voyage
By: Christopher Bice

A gifted person once said that, "Love is never having to say you're sorry." This statement is completely wrong. Love is wanting, needing, to say you're sorry. To be able to communicate with your lover, that you'll always regret any misgivings or mistakes you've made which may offend, hurt or do harm in any way to the relationship which is the biggest treasure you have.

Imagine a long journey down a winding river. This is the river of life, sometimes smooth calm waters flowing, winding, and gently caressing the shores as it makes its way eventually to the sea, to join with a bigger, more adventurous body of water, the ocean. Sometimes this river meets turbulence with hidden dangers lurking just beyond your sight, rocks or hidden limbs waiting to catch your love and slowly drag it down to obscurity, to drown in sorrow, despair and loneliness.

Often one wishes for a paddle or a life preserver to save themselves from the perils of love but none is needed. The true challenge is to allow the currents of emotion, the passions of the minute to carry you further along your voyage. Riding the eddies and navigating the white water of true love allows you to move more quickly to your final port, to journeys end.

Braving the waters of love, allowing yourself to be swept through your life to the ocean is the only way to experience life to its fullest. For what is life without love? Without love my life is nothing. Sailing the river of life becomes much more spiritual, when there are two souls navigating the rapids and the deep pools together.

So, to you I say, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I never meant for you to be hurt or alone. I regret not having met sooner so our journey could have started together. I apologize for not being your life jacket. Luckily for me we met at the tributaries of love where souls join the river of life and we were able to lash our vessels to brave the waters together. My longing for a companion on my long voyage has finally appeared and together we can watch the horizon, looking forward to the mouth of passion, the final opening to the ocean's arms. I wish only smooth sailing today and for the rest of your life.


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