Find Your Self
By: Kevin Magnus

Without a noise it changed to this,
What happened to our utter bliss?
Ours eyes closed and when the streets are the home,
Open for the ill to wander and roam.
So much wasted and slipping away,
All are forgotten from day to day.
Always thought that we moved forward in life,
But I was wrong as I stand in midlife.
Stay, to keep it together and live,
To not take too much and the rest give.
Everything is fruitless and meaningless,
An existence filled with sorrow and stress.
Humanity is failing into its own,
Quietly we are rushed into our tombstone.
We do need a tangible savior,
Who will over look our behavior.
Can you see that we are an addiction away from the end.
But we are okay, with Facebook and make sure not to offend.
Stop the selfishness one day and think about the needs of other?
Look passed the differences and realize you are my brother.

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