Ancient Curses & Ferocious Beasts
By: Linda M. Crate

i am a damphyr dreaming
not everyone believes
there are songs of unicorns and wolves,
so why can't there be a song for me?
bards, centaurs, elves, dwarves,
and countless others
spill forth through the pages
and so will i;
i am a magic honest
full of both darkness and light
wanting only goodness and virtue
to nurture dreams and shun nightmares—
sometimes in destroying a monster
one must be the beast they are inside
for years too long i have spent
afraid of unleashing her,
but she has always been a part of me;
i won't deny her any longer
she is me and i am her
there is no shame in who i am—
i have a worth and beauty all my own
even if others cannot see it,
and i will take all my light and let it shine
so that in a world of darkness
maybe someone will remember we can be more
than ancient curses and ferocious beasts.


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