By: Melissa Small

Do you think War is fun? Well its not. I've been up to my knees in mud, blood, guts and gore for five days now and no end to the shelling or the cold November rain.

We have been stalled here at the front for two years with out an inch of winning on either side. Nazi move a foot; we move a foot. They push back, we push back. It's a dance of inches, death and only the strong have survived.

I stand in mud, blood, guts of the men who have died fighting this war that they claim will end all wars but all see in our future is death, all I smell is rotting meat and gun power.

The night sky is littered with exploding fire and all I hear is the cries of the dying. How does one think this will be the end when all mankind does so well is WAR?

How I have survived this long with out dying is a miracle. I have been at the front since the war began, shot twice and still they send me back. What does it take to Win a war? Stubborn people like myself who are here to protect the ones back home that can not protect themselves.

I left my wife and new born son at the beginning of this hell. Alas I fear I will never see them again.

I stand here in mud to my knees waiting for a command from my Commander to attack yet our leaders are hidden and do not join their men on the battle field. I wonder if wars were so eagerly fought if the men leading us were as eager to join their men on the battle field and die along side them.

I have no problem fighting for my Kin and Country I do have issues with leaders hiding from the battles. It's the little men who will truly win this war not the leaders who will get all the glory.

Wars are won on the battlefield not behind closed doors.

So today is the day we are going to stop the Nazi here and now.

The call is made… Men are moving through the thick slimy mud to no mans land….and out on the water…boats are heading for the shores. Today the fighting men will win a war.

Side note: This was inspired when sitting in a Legion hall helping with Writers event. This story came out of no where and wanted to be told. Thank you is not enough for what our Veterans have done for us.


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