Vampire Valentine
By: Shawn M. Klimek

When the rusty dregs of dusk,
Like drying blood, begin to blacken
What I lack in life I long for
Wracked and restless! How I ache!
Until the sun–inflicted strangle–hold
Of sleep begins to slacken;
Blood and thoughts within me thicken;
My heart hearkens, and I quicken!
Darkness–stricken, dazed and raving,
Crazed with craving, I awake!

Kiss of granite, gaze of garnet;
Lightning lust and thunder thirst
I am Passion's pangs incarnate
By love most hated, I am cursed!
Blazing, bursting, double–barreled
I will heed my heartbeat's herald;
Like a comet I will come with blinding speed
And I'll find you (heed me!)
Find you (mind now!),
Find you (never mind how!),
You will finally find I've found you then I'll feed!

When I clasp your beating heart to mine,
My coronary concubine,
I'll kiss you as befits a venous Venus;
I'll imbibe your blood like wine
And be your vampire valentine,
Though antediluvians or angels stand between us.


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