Hunter's Moon
By: Christopher Bice

The full moon evokes a low growl
The stench of rotting flesh too foul
Again darkness has consumed me
Everyone should really try to flee
The hunters will come this eve
Silver bullets made just for me

Final night of the hunter's moon
When lovers entwined still swoon
Too entranced to hear my mournful cry
Or to noticed my pale yellow eyes

It's too late for them you see
Their bloody gore is all over me
Their screams still linger in my ears
Hunters shouting coming near
From Cerberus I was spawned
Fast as I came now I'm gone

When the new dawn comes so I'll change
Fur falling from me like diseased mange
Crawling to hide deep in my hole
Praying for God to save my soul

For another month I'll be human again
Until Cerberus calls me back to this plane
He demands vengeful homage from me
It's the price that I pay to live free
Keep close watch over your families
The last evil you will see…is me.


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