By: Melissa Small

On a shelf in a store lived a happy pair of shoes. Not a fancy pair of shoes just your normal pair of men's brown leather shoes with a black line over the toe. This pair of shoes had been on the shelf in the store for as far back as the shoes could remember. Their earliest memory was arriving from the factory at the store. They watched the people come and go, the store owners cleaned and dusted, they particularly liked being shined.

One day that all changed for the happy pair of shoes. A man asked to try them on. Shortly after that the shoes were packed into a dark box and taken away from the store. The shoes became very worried. Was life now contained to this little box?

But no, the man wore them almost daily. The shoes soon became even happier. They were happy to help the human get through the day. The man grew older but always took care of his shoes. He would talk to them and he cleaned them almost daily. The shoes loved that.

Then one day the older human man stopped wearing the shoes. He stopped shining the shoes. He stopped doing everything. The shoes soon found themselves tossed into a big box with clothes and an old pot. The shoes became sad as no one opened the box.

One day as the shoes gave up hope the box was opened and the shoes found themselves back in a store. The shoes tried to catch people's attention with their shine and well-loved leather. But the shoes were old and not what the men were looking for. The shoes watched as running shoes after running shoes where bought off the shelf but no one wanted them.

A particularly lonely night the shoes saw the moon was a very bright red colour and seemed very unhappy at mankind. So, the shoes asked the Blood Red what was wrong. The moon was angry at mankind, they are a selfish and vain lot. The shoes thought and then asked moon if he could help the shoes find a home. In return the shoes promised they could help mankind or at least one of them.

The moon was in a very bad mood that night. Angry that this worthless pair of shoes would even dare to bother him. The moon paused in its anger, perhaps these shoes could help him with mankind. A blood red beam of light from the moon bathed the shoes granting it supernatural powers.

The shoes spirits lifted upon receiving the moons gift. The moon had transformed them into brand new running shoes, just like the ones the men keep buying. Little they know the moon hadn't granted them a gift but cursed them.

The next day a new man came in looking for running shoes. The new running shoes got picked up by a young man and he tried them on. They fit perfectly and the young man wore the shoes out of the store.

The shoes were happy again. They were useful now about that promise to the moon to help mankind. As the young man crossed the parking lot he was struck by a car and killed. Shortly thereafter the shoes once again found themselves in a box and soon on a store shelf.

Sitting on the self the shoes realized they had changed again. They had become smaller and red with stiletto heels. A young woman tried them on and fell head over heels for them. She bought the beautiful red high heel shoes and took them home with her.

A few days later she wore her new shoes to work. The shoes thought this is nice when a loud defining bang came from the street, followed by several more. The woman fell over and stopped moving struck by a stray bullet. Soon the shoes were put a box and returned to another store where they became a pair of winter boots.

The shoes went through three more owners and three more changes. The shoes were so lost and confused why did its humans all die? What had the moon done to them? They shoes vowed to ask the moon next time they saw him.

A few days later the shoes where put back on the shelf. The shoes knew they would be able to ask the moon soon but before the shoes could ask they were bought by a house wife. She loved the Blue leather shoes they had become.

That night as the moon shone through the housewife's bedroom window the shoes asked. What happened? What was going on with them? The moon responded that it had only done what the shoes had asked. To help the moon with mankind one person at a time.

The shoes attempted to prevent their owners' deaths. Tried to prevent the change after each one. However, nothing it could do save their owners from a grisly demise. Owner after owner died. The shoes became sad and bitter, this is not what they wanted.

As the shoes lost more owners, they became more bitter and the moon started whisper to the shoes that these people deserved it. The shoes soon started to enjoy their new role. They could now change their looks at will, reading what a perspective owner would like. They even gained some control over themselves. Moving around, tripping their owners. Stop moving tripping their owners. They could even become undone at the wrong moment.

Owner after owner fell to these shoes. And after each time the shoes would be placed in a box and find themselves on a new self somewhere. They could even now be at your favorite shoe store or even worse in your home now.

Do you know where your shoes are or where they have come from?


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