By: Kevin Adams

Another hard day gone, and now I can finally rest and enjoy a comfy mattress with cozy warm blankets that are fresh from the wash. My light is turned off and my eyes start to adjust. Thanks for being there for me weekend, I missed you.

Is it just me or did something move just now?

If it's a spider, so help me.

Shadows swell about the room as night has embraced me, I lay there in the black abyss of night waiting for sleeps' embrace to come.

My mind is elsewhere and will not rest.

A shuffle of noise just beyond my door is heard, is it a mouse? Again? I have no traps to catch it.

Perhaps it's nothing. There is a dog outside barking at something, then I hear my door creak as I tell myself it's the house settling.

Are the doors to the house locked? Is that creaking wood in my kitchen?

Did something just touch my foot?

Dear Lord, something might have touched my foot.

My skin crawls a bit as I slowly pull my foot closer into the bed and I tell myself it's chilly.

My eyes are wide open as I sit terrified in the blackness of the room waiting for something to happen and then it seems as if time grows still. Air inside the room swirls from the ceiling fan and I can hear the blades cutting the wind as I listen for noises.

I don't dare move.

Long silent moments pass as night's visage stays upon me, I slowly turn on my side to try and get sleep and as I do I hear stirring in the room. There is no mistaking there is something in here besides myself.

Rustling on my dresser as if someone is going through my things! Perhaps they didn't see me laying here.

What do I do?

I can feel my heart thumping in my chest, I try to turn my head to see who it is and as I do, something in the darkest of night and straight from the pits of hell! I can barely make out a black silhouette flying in the night towards me!

FEAR creeps into my skull as I can feel impending doom at this creature about to unleash upon my flesh! Terror grips me for brief seconds. Oh, It's just the cat.

His purring can barely calm me down, I pet him and tell myself to calm down. Perhaps on any other night besides Halloween, this tale would be different.

It's a shame I never saw what came next…


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