My Addiction
By: Nerisha Kemraj

You feel so smooth against my tongue
Your velvet embrace spreading warmth through my core
As the taste of you reignites my
strength, fuel — so pure

You undress my senses,
shaping the flow of my day
Clarity through insanity
You keep my demons at bay

You're not just a morning fix
nor heaven in a cup
You're my addiction, forcing me awake
keeping me up

Intoxicated by your irresistible aroma,
you pull me in
And you have your way with me
as the sparks tingle within

They know better than
to keep me away from you
because I need you
more than I want you

you're both beauty,
and destruction
Pour me a steaming cup of your love,
yet again,
my mind and body falls prey to your seduction


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