Editor's Lament
By: Kevin Adams

Whin ONE consideers submitting a pIEce of werk

they shuld consider that thar editurs poor job

You aint gotta be no shakeyspear, but yew need ta have good Grammarical stuffins in yer storie

they’re is nuttin werse than a fragmentation of a sentence, that being said

its also bad to fourget catastrophies wit words like its and plural stuff like belongins and such

or using the wrong word in a sentence or no commas when you need one like right there

but anyways when you use good grammar and spelling and all them other fancie things people really really like it.

Its a breathe of fresh air for editers when they git good writings from artist and author people

some writings go on foreever and never get nowhere and that is annoying like this one time I was reading a sentence about my cousin pete and they forgot to capatalize on his first name and then then used the word and a lot and plum didnt use a single coma to split things ups like they should

theres also a thing called super flourishing commas, and that is, where you break up a sentence, with far too many commas, and they are just not needed, at all.

Subjict mattur is impertant two, you havta no the diffrence between there, their and here and theyre and over thar.

Be sure to spell checkall your words and look for spacings and spellings, dot your T’s and cross your eyes because the editor will be pulling they hair out if they see you not using the good wordings

in closing letter size and font is important too.


a concerned person of grammarical expertiseness


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