Ghosts Stories
By: Kevin Magnus

Warning, The sign reads: Stay out!
But I continued the route.
So now I live an average life,
Led blindly by the sound of a fife.
I had craved something from the unknown,
Maybe a trip into the Twilight Zone.
So I headed passed the cemetery gates,
One full of cowboys called, 'Aces & Eights.'
Instantly I felt somebody was watching me,
Unknowingly selected as a nominee.
There is no place to run.
I looked but there was none.
From the grave the spirits rise,
The sound they made were their cries.
They danced angrily before me, is this real?
To witness the opening of the seventh seal.
Tell me is this a dream,
As I questioned and scream.
Perhaps one of my buddies playing a trick on me,
Should I have listened and respected their privacy.
There was no horseplay only phantoms and apparitions,
In hand, a one way ticket and with room for admissions.
Afraid and not knowing what to do, I closed my eyes tight and thought of good thoughts,
but replaced with the image of the dead arising from their burial plots.
But I open my eyes and now find zombies standing there.
With nothing let, I begin to recite the Lord's Prayer.
Frantic I bolted for the gate,
Although, I knew I was too late.

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