Modern Day Ghost Stories
By: Kevin Magnus

I never wanted this house to begin with,
But I ignored all the legends and the myth.
My Uncle Barnard willed it to become mine,
Bequeathed me his multi million dollar shrine.
I recall visiting it as a child,
All though that memory would be defiled.
The last time ended with my parents leaving in the middle of the night,
As we all drove away not a word said, and both a ghastly shade of white.
That was the last time any of us saw my uncle or his house,
He died all alone with no one to love, never taking a spouse.
My sister said she saw spirits that wandered about,
She always loved to tell such tall tales to freak me out.
And thus, I truly never believed her;
It was quite a bit far fetched as it were.
I offered to take her along to come visit the house once more,
At first, she tried to speak, but only escaped was a silent roar.
My Sister turned a pale white and sheepishly declined;
Saying if I were to go there I was truly blind!
Disappointed, I flew to the house on my own,
It was a long and bleak fight to be done alone.
I marveled at the three stories which stood before me,
It appeared to sway in the wind like an old dead tree.
The longer I stared, the more it felt as if it glared back,
Calling me to follow inside, along the stone laid track.
At I first thought it was my imagination that ran wild,
But with everything that had happened the thought was reconciled.
Now, my sixth night here, I am aware it was not;
They are here stuck much like a unwanted blood clot.
I did not know that the threshold was a portal into Hell,
Like this immensely evil house is now my eternal cell.
I am trapped here, quite possibly forever,
With no stoicism in sight whatsoever.
If anyone finds this note, if the spirits allow;
Please let my sister know that I do believe her now.

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