A Letter To My Younger Self
By: Kevin Adams

You won't really go blind.
Alcohol is not as fun as you may think
Don't try smoking either, it's a waste.

Don't eat that.
I said not to eat that.
Great, now we're puking.

Say no to whatever she asks for.
You didn't say no.
Don't sleep with…
You did it anyway.
Here we go again

Even though you won't go blind, SLOW DOWN.
You can try as hard as you like and still fail.
You are human and will make mistakes,
lots of them.

Like that one time,
and that one too.

Spend more time with dad and get some hugs.
Pay off debt sooner and don't freak out so much about it.
Invest money in mutual funds!
Don't stress the small stuff, or the big stuff.
Don't settle.

Never loose wonder in each day and breathe in the morning air.
No one will ever understand your insanity
or why you choose the higher path.

Remain true to yourself and good luck.


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