The Missing Unicorn in the Land of the Zombie Fairies—Part Three
By: David K. Montoya


Olivia's stomach growled which echoed down the hall that led from their chocolate made candy cell, outside into the Kingdom of Fudge. The bunny guards glanced back toward the odd sound with caution, one closest to the girls asked, "What was that?"

"My sister is hungry, her stomach is growling," Emma sternly replied. "When do we get some supper?"

Kén nodded and sheepishly said, "Oh yeah, I could certainly go for some fresh hay."

The bunny's nose twitched, and his face cracked a little as his brow wrinkled. He finally said, "I am unfamiliar with anything you two just said."

"I'm hungry! I want something to eat!" Olivia whined.

The guard bunny stepped over next to the cell, he studied the prisoners and asked, "What is hungry?"

Emma's face twisted in confusion, and looked over at her younger sister who had a matching facial expression. The girls looked over at Kén Tauros, the Centaur, who appeared completely lost to anything that was going on in front of them.

In a soft and curious little voice, Olivia asked, "But Mister Chocolate Bunny, sir…What do you eat…chocolate carrots?"

Emma giggled at her sister's question.

"I am sorry, I do not know what this eat means," the bunny guard said.

Kén Tauros, the Centaur, leaned forward and with his words full of worry explained, "Some creatures have to put something into their mouth and swallow it into their stomach to keep living. That is called eating. When their stomach makes a sound like Olivia's it means it is time for them to eat."

"So you see, if we don't eat after a long time we will grow weak and sick and will eventually perish," Emma elaborated.

"I am sorry, but we do not have anything for you to eat," Olmec the Mousse of Chocolate said as he walked into the dungeon. "But, it will not matter as you are to be chocolate dipped first thing in the morning."

"I don't like the sound of that." Kén Tauros, the Centaur whimpered.

"It is our form of execution," Olmec said. "It is fast. And, while I do feel sad for you three…I have the law to up hold."

Olivia hugged her sister and cried. "I'm scared Em."

"Shh, it will be all right, Livi," Emma comforted. They watched as Olmec turned and walked away, and as the one known as the Mousse of Chocolate disappeared from sight, Emma noticed a crunching sound.


Olivia looked at her big sister and asked, "Did you hear that, Em?"

"I did, Livi," Emma acknowledged her sister. "What about you, K—"

Emma stopped as she found, Kén Tauros, who has eaten through the candy bars to their cell and was munching on the guard's white chocolate staff.

"Kén," Emma reprimanded in a higher toned whisper.

Kén looked innocently at the sisters and said, "I'm sorry, girls—but, I was so hungry."

"Kén you wonderfully brilliant Centaur!" Emma exclaimed.

"I am?" Kén said with a mouth full of candy.

"Yes, you are," Emma said in still a high whisper. "Livi look!"

Emma took a bite out of the candy bar.

"Ooh," Olivia said with wide eyes. "I'm really hungry!"

"But you gotta be quiet, so they don't hear you," Emma clarified to her little sister, who was already indulging in the sweetness of their cell bars before the sentence was finished. Since Olivia was a good girl and did not talk with her mouth full, gave her older sibling a thumbs up.

The three attempted to eat away at the candy made bars, and Emma continuously peeked up so to confirm that the large chocolate bunnies were clueless from their belly filling escape attempt. She was mainly concerned about Kén who loved sugar and crunched in a familiar fashion to a horse eating a big sugar cube.

Normally, Emma was not fond of Olivia eating a lot of sugar as it transformed her into what her Daddy called, Super Hyper Child. But that day was very much different, as their escape and freedom relied on how much the three consumed. She believed everything was going according to plan until the bunny guard closest to the cell exclaimed, "My BUTT!"

Emma and Olivia looked over toward the chocolate bunny, and his back end was missing. Both of the sisters glanced at Kén, who in return shrugged and timidly said to the girls, "Oops."

The other guard surrounded the bunny missing its rear while he cried out, "That Centaur is insane! He bit my butt off! What am I going to do with out a butt!"

"There. There. Carl, the surgeon can mend a new piece on and you'll be as good as new," On of the other bunny guards consoled. Then the remaining guards in the dungeon turned toward the girls and Kén who had almost eaten enough of the bars to get out.

"They're trying to escape!" One of the guards cried out. They charged in their direction as they bellowed out a war cry.

Emma realized the three of them did not have no more time to continue eating away at their freedom, and needed to make a move that very moment. She grabbed up Olivia and placed her on the Centaur, who asked, "What's going on Em?"

"You need to bust through the bars, Kén," Emma instructed as she mounted the half man, half horse creature. "The bars are weak now, you should be able to break free with no problems."

"Gotcha." He said.

"And, no more biting the bunnies' butts off," Emma exclaimed, which caused the guards to halt in their tracks.

"I don't want my butt bitten off!" One Bunny cried out.

"Me neither!" Another said.

"Let's get out of here," a third one suggested.

They all turned and ran from the dungeon in panic, which left Emma, Olivia and Kén inside their quarter eaten jail cell. "Can we stay for just a bit longer to finish eating this delectable treat," Kén asked the sisters.

Who both responded in unison as they cried out, "NO!"

Kén huffed and stamped his front legs. He lunged forward, shattering the brittle chocolate candy cell bars. The Centaur, was only a few yards away, when he heard someone yell out, "Please, don't leave me here!"

"Whoa!" Emma commanded. They came to a stop and eyed back toward the cell, it was a boy, who appeared to be a tall Gnome. In that short time imprisoned, no one noticed the little boy in the jail cell next to them.

"Please! Don't leave me," the young Gnome besought. "My…My mother is the queen of Paracelsus, if you help me get home, I am sure that she would present you with large rewards!"

"Maybe the queen can help us get to the old Magus faster, somehow," Olivia thought aloud.

Emma nodded to her sister's mindful words and said, "Stand back. I'll have my friend Kén bust the bars.

"I could just eat some more, if that'd help," Kén offered.

But, Emma shook her head no, and said, "No time, Kén. Try busting it down with your back legs."

The girls got off of the Centaur and he backed in toward the cell and kicked the candied bars, and much to everyone's surprise, the chocolate exploded into shards with only one single kick. "Good job," Olivia praised her friend. The young Gnome walked out of his cell. Emma and Olivia greeted him.

"Hurry get on…," Emma paused. "What is your name?"

"Theophrastus…," he answered, "Theophrastus von Hohenheim, but my friends call me Theo."

"Okay, Theo, I'm Emma," she introduced. And then pointed toward her sister. "This is my sister Livi and next to her is our friend Kén."

"Pleased to meet you," Theo said.

"Now, let's get out of here," Emma said, and got on to Kén, who had helped Olivia to mount him as well.

With all three of them on Kén, he looked over his shoulder and warned, "Hold tight, we're bustin' outta here!"

Kén took off like a flash of lightening, and slammed into the chocolate made door which shattered into little pieces. Once out of the dungeon, the found themselves in a castle made of white chocolate, but they did not stop to admire just how beautiful the structure actually was. As the Centaur continued to run until they were free and saw the path which lead to Paracelsus.

Olmec the Mousse of Chocolate surveyed the damaged caused by the escape and mumbled under his breath, "I will make you pay for all of this, even if it is the last thing I ever do."

To be continued…


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