Thorne Part Three — Dragon Scales
By: Susanne Thomas

They say that dragon scales,
when hit with direct light,
can blind a man from 30 yards away.
Thorne knew this was true.
He also knew that it eventually wore off,
leaving an after image of the dragon for roughly four days.

No one ever shares that in such an incapacitated state,
you are vulnerable to the very creature
you were attempting to steal from.

Thorne thanked the stone,
tumbled over him by a roc
that chose the moment he fell
to attack the distract beast before them.

The days bled into each other
as he crawled out from below
the granite and crawled away
from the treasure he was to have gathered.

His quest, almost left incomplete,
saved only by a pebble grabbed from the ground,
held onto by Thorne only because of its cold and smooth body.

It eased his burning corneas
and cooled the wounds he carried from his folly.

Only later, much later,
would the winking green of the jade be clear to him.

Another task complete


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