More Ghost Stories of the 1800s
By: Kevin Magnus

This house is so large, empty and cold,
Such vastness feels like a stranglehold.
I wonder when my family will arrive?
I must not give up and continue to strive.
I watch hopelessly out the old oversize glass.
Outside on to the landscape and lovely grass.
I ignore that the sunlight stings my skin,
Wondering what may cause the pain within?
I lose count on how many days it's been,
I know they will all arrive soon, but when?
At night, I light a candle and roam the halls alone,
But, I will never leave now—anchored here like a stone.
Oh, the emptiness transforms into cries for them,
A continuous echoed moan with great contemn.
With each sun rise and fall, I long for my children and wife,
I wondered if it was truly time to restart my life.
Then, I see a carriage approach the house,
But, how could I go on without my spouse?
But, it is not them…it is another man and his domestic handmaid,
And then, their four young children as they emerge from the transport unafraid.
I run downstairs to greet them, as any company is welcomed by me;
My mind raced excitedly, there is so much to show then, so much to see.
They open the door and walk right passed me,
But, why, they all ignore my inquiry.
I say, "Hello," but never found a returned greeting;
As the husband only spoke of the house's heating.
But then, the oddest damn thing happened next,
A little girl passed through me without vexed.
I remain in the house with my new family unaware,
But, I have come to learn to communicate to their despair.


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