I am Merlin
By: Christopher Bice

Walking home one night I spied an eerie light,
Was a burst of blueish flame which hurt my sight.
Peering through the bushes seeing a man upon the ground,
Another man was searching he was looking all around.

Nearing death he spotted me I thought that I would die,
Instead he slowly smiled pointing off to the side.
The other man screaming curses filled me full of fear,
Meanwhile the smiling one had turned a stone deaf ear.

Looking where he pointed I found an old black wand,
As soon as I picked it up it formed a magical bond.
The other man saw me and waved his wand at me,
My wand sprang to life before I could think to flee.

A blue light shot forth and full struck the other man,
His wand burst into flames as it hurled from his hand.
My wand hummed in mine as the old man faded away,
A hundred years ago and I still remember that day.

The day I saw the mage Merlin take his fatal fall,
To that wand, that night I made myself to crawl.
Two hundred years and Merlin lost his will to fight,
I assumed his legacy, protector of the night.

Seems an eternity since I fought my first fight,
Burnt static in the air flashing lights in the night.
The screams of demons I've sent back to hell,
Am I winning this fight, only time will tell?

Satan's minions coming after me because of Merlin's wand,
I was chosen to wield that power with that magical bond.
So now I battle sorcerers and demons of the night,
I make them pay with the power of that fiery blue light.

I stand and fight for a world that lets the demons in,
They don't understand it's caused from all their sin.
This pitiful human race they haven't got a clue,
I am Merlin. I alone, stand here protecting you.


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