By: Kevin Adams

Author's note: Normally I do not entertain darker poetry, but I feel as if this is important for those out there who may be suffering. I am mentally and physically well for those who may be concerned after reading the content below and I hope this helps just one person know they are not alone.


Spiraling down
into a dark abyss
my emotions unchecked

I want to die
feeling the need to end my pain
a gun would be quick

My hurting would end
no more fake smiles
or false laughter

I could rest
no more looking for respite
among these thorns

Finally free of stress
nothing further expected
except my death

What stops me I wonder
my heart has had enough
and agony never fades

Blackened souls can't redeem
regardless of struggle
shrouded in shame

Walk in my shoes and survive
then we can talk
and have evil in common

Anguish is a slow killer
it hides itself inside
much like me from you

My cold walls are silent
much like my lips
conveying this wounded life

Sore bones hang on flesh
it is tired of this damage
so much brutal negativity

I can't pull the trigger
knowing one person might care
who is it though?

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255


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