Through the Eyes of Madness—Part Eighteen
By: David K. Montoya

Betty was startled awake as the front door swung open with force, at first she was hopeful that it was the police. But, to her dismay, it was who she came to know as Jack. He had an attractive woman over his shoulder, who could only have been Mary Kelly.

Jack entered into the mobile home and dropped the young woman's unconscious body to the ground. He glanced at his watch, which caused his face to twist in anger. Betty and her abductor made eye contact and in a frustrated tone the copycat killer said, "I almost missed her."

Betty did not respond, only stared at him in fear.

"We do not have much time," Jack said, as he walked passed Betty into another room. But, continued to speak. "I haven't paid rent in six weeks now. The landlord will be here in the next day or so."

Betty remained silent.

Jack exited the bed room, now with his shirt off and was unbuckling his belt. Betty knew where it was headed.

"So at most, we need to be finished here by tonight at the latest," Jack said, then removed his pants and underwear in one full motion. "He could stop by today, but at most he could do is bang on the door like an idiot. But, once he comes back tomorrow and sees that the place is cleared out and the door is unlocked then everything is finished."

"Then what happens to me," Betty asked softly. Her voice weak, her spirit weaker. Jack broke her, but that was all apart of his evil plan. "When you are finished, what will you do with me?"

"We will travel upstate to my mother's old cabin, you will stay with me until I am captured and taken in," Jack said with a pleased smile. "Then, you will be free to go out into the world and tell my story of the reincarnated Jack the Ripper came back to get everything right the second time around."

Jack walked over to the unconscious woman on the floor, and then looked over at Betty. With his finger, he motions her to get up and come over to him. With her hands and feet being cuffed, she struggled to stand and attempted to hop toward her abductor.

Jack held his hand up and motioned stop, then barked, "Stop! Stop! Let me get the key," he walked back over to his pants. In his pocket was a single key to Betty's shackles.

"I—" Betty muttered softly, but was interrupted.

"All right, come here," Jack ordered, and made Betty hop to him. He begin to unlock the cuffs as he said to her, "I need you to help me take Miss Kelly into the bedroom, it appears that I may have hurt my back earlier."

"All right," Betty said in a sheepish manner. Once the shackles were off, helped Jack carry his soon–to–be final victim into the room and placed her atop a bed. She stood by the bed as the crazed man begin to argue with himself—it was something that he only recently started, and it frightened her to the core.

"I AM THE BOSS HERE," Jack screamed to himself. He looked at Betty and said, "Don't just stand there, help me take her clothes off."

With a nod, Betty complied. She grabbed on to the young woman's shirt and ripped it in half at the collar, that act surprised Jack as he watched with a look of shock. "Don't wake her up yet, everything needs to be in place first."

Betty nodded again, and slowly unbuckled the straps in front of the bra. She pulled the cups away and Mary Kelly's full breasts fell from their supports. Once the strap had been pulled away, in an almost emotionless voice asked, "Do I need to get undressed as well?"

"No. You bore me," Jack said. "I want you to scream, cry, holler…Anything! Not someone as quiet as a church mouse."

Jack walked over to Betty and grabbed her by the chin. He stared deep into her eyes, there was no emotion response from her, after a moment he said, "I really broke you, didn't I? That's too bad, I really liked screwing you. But, once the shock and everything wears off, you'll realized what a big gift I have given you—in time, you'll be giving lectures for thousands of dollars talking about how I filled you up every night. You will have a whole new bigger and better life, I promise and it will all be because of me.

"Once you are back to normal, maybe they'll let me get out of Hell as a ghost, so I can get a piece of what is between your legs."


Captain Whick erupted from his office, it was visibly unclear if he was angry or excited. Either way, he walked with a purpose and took the stairs until he stood atop the cage, so to over look his men. Everyone froze and looked up at the sound of his demanding voice. "Good news, Men! About an hour a go, we received a call from a trailer park manager on the West Side, he said that one of his tenets were six weeks late on their rent and guess how much it was, Tidwell?"

"Twenty–nine shillings," Tidwell replied, which caused everyone in the precinct to laugh.

"Smart ass," Whick said with a smile. "But you are on the right track, $2,900. This guy is trying to copy as much detail to the Jack the Ripper case as possible. The Manager said that, he was on his way to collect and saw the renter pulling an unconscious woman from the car and then into the trailer. The guy thought that it was something to call in."

"Where is this guy at, Cap," Grayson eagerly yelled out to the captain.

"1888 Miller's Court Mobile Home Estates, they are in space thirteen," Captain Whick replied.

"Wow," Tidwell said under his breath.

Grayson looked at Tidwell and asked, "What, partner?"

"The original Mary Kelly was murdered in 1888. She was twenty–nine shillings and six weeks late on rent, on where she lived which was 13 Miller's Court—that is where her body was discovered," Tidwell explained. "This is one of the most premeditated murder case in human history, but what is his endgame?"

"You all need to understand that this is not a recovery. It is very likely that the woman was his Mary Kelly and is likely already dead," Captain Whick continued to everyone in the station. "This is a suspect apprehension!"

"I'll be right back, kiddo," Tidwell said, then left from where he stood and walked toward the cage.

"Tidwell, is lead on this," The Captain said, and watched as an out of breath Tidwell ascended the stairs, until he stood next to him. "Anything you wanna say on this, Dean?"

"Be ready. Especially the rookies," Tidwell warned. "Mary Kelly was the Ripper's most gruesome and disturbing murder. So be prepared for what you are about to see, Copeland will attest to how close this copycat is following the playbook on this."

"Let's go get this bastard," one of the detectives yelled out. Everyone cheered in response to his words.

"All right, before you head out, I want all of you to be careful out there, Patrick O'Neil Junior is considered armed and extremely dangerous," Captain Whick elaborated. "Let's try and bring this piece of shit in alive, and make him face the music for those poor girls! Now! Go get that murdering little fuck!"

The officers cheered again, but this time with more vigor to the cries. Nothing else was said, and everyone scrambled from their respective desks to their cruisers in the back parking lot. Tidwell grabbed up his coat and hat, headed toward Grayson who was over by the exit.

"You ready," Tidwell asked, as they walked out of the building and onto the parking lot.

"Of course, partner," Grayson replied, but detected a hint of caution to Tidwell's voice. "Why?"

"Because Betty might not be alive," Tidwell said as he approached his car.

"I understand," Grayson answered. "I'm trying to keep my cool about the whole thing."

"I understand son," Tidwell said, then got into his vehicle.

To be continued…


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