Review of ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! for Steam
By: Pryce Less

This month, we cover a game that I had never heard of, but when you're dying from a nasty infection and feeling delirious anything looks appealing when you are bored. As I jumped into the game one of the things that I caught right away was all the odes to the nineteen eighties and nineties. Before I downloaded the game, I gave the trailer a watch and it took me back to when I was a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Come to find out this is ToeJam & Earl's fourth game, the first one came out in 1991 released on the Sega: Genesis Platform—yeah, seriously! Back in the Groove! is actually the fourth in their series. Okay, so, ToeJam and Earl are alien rapper and matches the attitude with fun music and video.

So, what is this game about, Well, ToeJam & Earl are in space and take control of a what is called the Rap Master Rocket Ship only to blow up. The object of the game is to find all the ship parts that had fallen to Earth in twenty–five levels—That's fairly it in a nutshell—though there are some mini–games, the rhythm game is kinda like Guitar Hero—meh.

The overall design of each levels are fairly basic, it reminded me of playing video games back in the mid–nineties, other than there is more interaction with random things throughout the game than back in the old–school Sega: Genesis days. There is some fun hidden stuff to find and obtain.

I think this game may be more for the younger gang, I say this because of the simple game play. Like I said a moment ago, after you get all twenty–five pieces that's it, you are pretty much finished with the entire thing. You do a walk around and talk to characters that were in the game, while funk music plays in the background. After which, you find yourself going back to outer space rocketing through the credits.

I get that the game creators were going for a nostalgic feel while putting together this addition to the ToeJam & Earl saga. Things worth mentioning are features that had been added, like a couch co–op which is there to add more depth to the game—and suggest that you check out the local co–op modes available. It kinda reminded me of Legend of Zelda (minus the action), scavenging for pieces to assemble to make a whole (i.e. the Triforce in Zelda).

My conclusion is that while it does a good job, in bringing back old–school memories, playing this game becomes redundant (fairly quickly may I add). As you can tell, I am struggling to put into words a positive review—and before I give you my rating, I did take into consideration that I am not apart of this games targeted demographics, and I played it on my computer instead of a game console that I'm used to.

With all that said, I give ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! three hip–hop and funky filled stars. But, if this sounds like a game that might tickle your fancy, check it out on Steam for $19.99, follow the link to pick up a copy. Link: