Ghost Stories of the 1800s
By: Kevin Magnus

The kids are crying because it's so cold,
I have failed as the head of the household.

I cannot help them as my soul has been frozen,
Never fully understanding why I was chosen.

It has been a month since it happen,
When I was defeated and blackened.

I wonder if my wife is still expecting me,
Before I left, I gave them all my guarantee.

It looks like the cold has melted into the spring,
Despite all of that my dears continue to sing.

Who knew that this winter would be so bad;
Sealing my fate, as it was ironclad.

Oh God, please don't let it be too much longer,
Now, I pray that all of this makes them stronger.

I'm sorry I never made it to the coast,
Here I am, punished to watch you as a ghost.

I pray the children make survival their home,
While my lost, empty soul is left here to roam.

I see them all trying their damnedest to live,
They have learned to never take but always give.

Feeling myself, I am fading into the void,
Watching everything I built as it is destroyed.

My sight is gone, all I now hear is crying,
Oh, dear Lord, please do not let them be dying.


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