The Missing Unicorn in the Land of the Zombie Fairies—Part One
By: David K. Montoya


Once upon a time there were two sisters. Emma, who was eight years old, the eldest, and the logical of the two. While known as a shy little girl, when together, she was the adventurous of the children. Nicknamed, Em, she was tall and looked like her daddy, with brown hair and eyes. Her long hair typically pulled back in a ponytail and a bow that held her bangs in place.

Olivia, the youngest and most carefree, was five years old. As the opposite to her sister, Livi (as she was called at home), would be the fearless one of the siblings. No matter the obstacle, big, small or dangerous for that matter, she was ready to take it on. Like her mama, she had hazel eyes and dark blond, shoulder length curly hair, who wore it back in a head band which allowed her locks to bounce around.

They were normal little girls, as far as the people were concerned. The two loved their dolls, rode their bicycles and played numerous games with their friends in their small town. But what the townspeople did not know was that the siblings had a special gift!

A gift that allowed them to develop a connection to another dimension. A place where no adult was able to see, a place where a child's innocent heart could open a door to a world unlike any other. It was discovered one day as the girls played in their game room. It was there they would enjoy video games and other things to pass their free time.

While they played their games something fantastic happened. What was originally on the screen suddenly disappeared and was replaced with a swirling rainbow of colors. It was Olivia that slowly placed her hand on the screen to only find that it sunk into the cascade of tincture in front of her. Once she was shoulder deep a suction pulled her forward, which caused Emma to leap to her feet and grab her younger sister's hand.

But the suction was too strong, and it pull both Emma and Olivia inside, where they discovered that the large television was in fact a magical portal to another amazing world. A world of what could only be truly explained as a place that was created by children's fantasy and imagination.

Over time, Emma and Olivia would travel through the portal into a world of Fantasy and Imagination, having grand adventures with their dearest of friends, Yoon, the Magical Unicorn.

It was Yoon, who had the power to open a portal to this astonishing land, as Emma and Olivia were the only known beings in existence to match the unicorn's unbelievable imagination. Together they became heroes through the land. The three saved Candyland from the Corn-men invasion, and even liberated the Planet of Space Cats from the reigns of the Dwarf Dogs.

The sister’s mom and dad believed that the girls were normal children. Although at first, they tried to convince their parents of the amazing experiences, but over time agreed that they were too old to understand. After a while the girls would say they were off to play a round of Hide and Seek, as a full day on the other side was a mere minute on planet Earth. To the parents, their children were gone for no more than ten minutes.

It was on one day, not like any particular other, Emma and Olivia decided to visit Yoon. The girls had been occupied with their academic studies for the week, but it was the weekend and they were free to go on a new escapade.

"Daddy, Olivia and I are going to go play in the game room," Emma said to her father while he was lost in his tablet.

"Very good, Em, as long as you and your sister do not get into any trouble," their father said while he tapped his finger on the glass of the device.

A giant smile appeared on Emma's lips. Without anything said the little girl bolted away from her father, and found her younger sister awaiting in a hallway.

Emma grabbed Olivia by the hand and together ran toward the game room.

"Are we going to see Yoon now," Olivia asked as the moved to the room.

"Yes!" Emma exclaimed.

The girls enter the game room and found that the special television was awaiting their arrival as the screen glowed in multiple colors of life. As they stood in front of the portal, Emma turned to her younger sibling and asked, "You ready, Livi?"

"Yep!" Olivia said excitedly.

Together hand in hand, the sisters leaped forward into the mixture of colors and passed through the magic portal.

In a flash of light, Emma and Olivia found themselves as they sped through a tunnel made of rainbows in a weightless void. When the sisters slowed in velocity the passageway transformed in to a kaleidoscope of shapes and hues. At the end of their journey, everything faded into a bright light. Then with a feeling of suction at their legs, the children were pulled from the nothingness into a magical land.

Emma and Olivia looked up at a beautiful lush green field. It was spread outward and saw trees and more rainbows. The girls stood there filled with excitement as they watched mystical creatures like elves, who played in the fields, the dragons share the skies with the Pegasuses. But there was one thing in particular that the sisters noticed was not there in the World of Fantasy and Imagination to greet them.

"Where's Yoon, Em," Olivia asked her sister softly.

"I-I don't know, Livi," Emma answered, while she scanned the area for her missing friend.

It was around that time Kén Tauros, a Centaur, approached Emma and Olivia. After he greeted them, the creature said in a saddened manner, "I suspect you look for your pal, Yoon the Magical Unicorn, eh?"

"Yes, Kén, we do," Emma said softly. She opened her mouth to speak but was unable as her younger sister readied her question first.

"Do you know where he is, Mister Centaur," Olivia asked in an innocent voice, that could melt any heart if heard.

Kén lowered his head as replied softly, "I have children. . .Yoon was taken by Schartzmugel from the Land of the Zombie Fairies."

Emma raised an eye brow at Kén and asked, "Schartzmugel? The master of the Fairy Zombies came and took Yoon?"

Olivia tipped her head and looked up at her sister with a question of her own, "Why would Zombie Fairies want poor Yoon?"

Emma shrugged.

"Schartzmugel said that he would use Yoon's magical power to open a portal into your world," Kén Tauros said.

"Oh no!" Olivia exclaimed.

"We have to stop him, Livi," Emma said in a strong, but filled with fear, voice. "And get our dear Yoon back."

"How are we going to the Land of the Zombie Fairies, Em?" Olivia asked.

Emma's face wrinkled in thought and then said, "We can go see the old Magus in the village!"

"OH! He could teleport us there," Olivia said thrilled that she figured out what her older sister's plan was on her own.

"Exactly, Livi," Emma said, then grabbed her sister's hand and begin to walk in the direction of the glowing pink sun. "We will be in the village by sundown."

And, the adventure begins.

To be continued…


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