Review of Devil May Cry V for the PS4
By: Pryce Less

I stopped by Redbox and was pleased to find that the new release of Devil May Cry was available to rent. So what do we have this time around? The main character of the series Dante has returned, the quick witted demon hunter, who is a master in gun and sword play (kinda makes me think of Deadpool). Online many people were concerned that with the series reboot back in 2013, would see the end of Dante. But, Capcom decided to bring back the original in a fantastic return in Devil May Cry 5. The white haired, red coated form that we know and love made his way back and seriously kicked some demonic butt!

What's going down is a horrific demonic presence has come from nowhere and is ravaging Redgrave City, and Dante, his annoying nephew Nero and a mysterious character (but, you'll figure out who or what he is before it is revealed) ā€œVā€ are tasked to bring it down before there is nothing left of the city. It kicks off as they face the Big Bad, but that is only the first of many opponents.

The first playable character is the annoying nephew, Nero, who is the actually narrator of the tale. As the story is presented through his perspective, and since the last game we find out that he has lost his mechanical arm that, if you remember, was powered by demonic forces. But, not to threat, as a replacement arm is created by a man named, Nico who claims that it was a Devil Breaker prosthetic. He actually has seven changeable arms through the game.

Still on the arms, with each one presents a different ability from rocket launchers to energy blasts, there was one that even slowed time or one that healed Nero. Also worth noting is that each arm renders a grappling hook function that can be utilized in multiple ways which adds to the character's flexibility.

Although, I find that Dante was the most flexible and well-rounded character among the ones found in the game (there's more, trust me). Speaking on the original protagonists, he has his own Devil Trigger Mode, which allows Dante to become a demonic being which adds new set of moves to every weapon used. The story is somewhat predictable, but I feel that Capcom had the gameplay in mind over a mind warping storyline.

Still on that note, it feels that the producers of the game had lots of fun developing the content and it really shows in the final product. While the plots are meh, several points are created to have fans smiling, while allowing new players to the series enjoying what is going down on the screen. In fact, I believe that it does not take itself seriously other than the fighting which can get hardcore.

One more note worth mentioning before I wrap this up is that it may be somewhat difficult to figure out the design of the levels. They are overly simplified and short8752614there are a handful of surprises that can be found outside the course of direction, but mainly just corridors which lead to arena. If you do a complete play through, you may find that overall a bit underwhelming on content.

But this game is not a 'one and done' adventure, it reflects an old school approach which challenge the players to work through everything as this is a cerebral state of affairs. In the end, I give Devil May Cry V three demonic filled stars and suggest you give it a play through once for yourself, so to fully understand what I had said here today.