Please, Please, I Want To Stay
By: Christopher Bice

Please, please, I want to stay,
That is what I begin to say.
Once again He tells me that I must go,
I'm not ready for that fantasy show.

So here I lie in this hospital bed,
I feel my pain; it's all in my head.
The doctor tells me, "Hallucinations feel real",
But the chemo the drugs are all that I feel.

I tell him, "I met a man there on the other side,"
He promised me that He'd be my guide.
Through lush green lands, abundant with life,
Free from pain and this miserable strife.

It's a magical land with blue suns and coloured clouds,
A place where pain and grief is never allowed.
Look! There's a unicorn laying just there,
It seems to be talking to a long eared hair".

The doctor tells me, "this is all drug induced",
While slowly he shakes his head, at the nurse.
The pain increases I'm drifting away,
Is this reality where I choose to stay?

I hear the man calling, He that's my guide.
Still waiting there for me on the other side.
He tells me that if my pain is too great,
He'll unlatch the lock and open the gate.

All I need do is call his name,
And forevermore I'll not feel pain.
This cancer is real it's a disease I can't beat,
I'm calling your name friend can I sit at your feet?

Please, please, Lord I want to stay,
Please, please, Lord don't send me away.
Here I lay my pain slips away,
As I walk through that gate my body sways.

Never again I'll not have to leave,
My friend my guide, kept his promise to me.


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