My Hero
By: Kevin Magnus

I am too weak to see you on your deathbed.
With only mere days of life left—what was said.
Only in your forties, you should have more time;
Damn you cancer, taking him now is a crime!

People never get to meet their hero,
The ones who do, learn they are a zero.
But, I was lucky—I grew up with mine,
My hero was someone in my bloodline.

He was my uncle, only seven years older,
But, my uncle was bigger, stronger and bolder.
Not to mention, he would teach me much about life,
Then you were my best man when I married my wife.

You were my uncle, my friend, my hero most of all.
A team fighting together, during the rise and fall.
As an adult, I did my best to follow your lead,
As a father, husband, work until my fingers bleed.

Now, you are about to leave this saddened mortal world behind,
But, not without a fight, but eventually you declined.
And in the end, I want to thank you from your nephew zero…
But, most of all, I want to thank you for being my hero.


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