Interview with Matt Wall
By: Kevin 'Myth Master' Adams

Once again I have snared another victim!

What JOY!!

Time for me to do what I do best!

Matt Wall is a booktuber and a writer. He is also the publisher of Weird Mask zine  and the host of the PulpFicLit Podcast . Under the alias Creep Creeperson, he is known as a film director, musician, screenwriter, producer, actor and author. Matt has a long running history with this magazine as he is the son of Terry D. Scheerer

He was in the band Creeperson for like ten years. Made movies for about ten also. Started writing seriously in 2000 and started publishing in 2006. He has written a ton of books under names like Creep Creeperson, Mick Hunter, CC Wall, and more. Started Weird Mask in June of last year and you can find out more at and

But now, he finds himself …here…with Good Ol' Myth Master!

Myth Master: Let's start off easy, tell us about your history with world of myth?

Matt Wall: I found out about through my father, Terry, who did some work on the site. He introduced me to David [Montoya]. That was probably back in 2006 or 2007.

Myth Master: How much of Terry being your father influenced you as a writer?

Matt Wall: Not as much as one would think I guess. The idea of writing and being a writer came from him I'm sure, but there wasn't a lot of guidance that one would think they would get from a father being in the same field. 

Myth Master: What is your favorite myth?

Matt Wall: Ooooo. Maybe, a democratic society?

Myth Master: Tell us about the most recent moment that gave you goose bumps.

Matt Wall: We are trying to buy some land right now, and every time I have to check about zones or codes terrifies me. 

Myth Master: Family life?

Matt Wall: I live with my wife and daughter and we have too many dogs.

Myth Master: Talk to us about the inspiration for the Satanicus story.

Matt Wall: Satanicus started as a film I wrote and directed that never came out. It was a more visual horror film, more surreal. I hadn't done anything quite like it before. It was influenced heavily by the Italian horror films that came to be on the tail end of the giallo craze. The story and the title stayed with me and I wanted to try it as a novel, but because of how surreal it was, I couldn't find the sweet spot in the writing. I like to write first person past tense and if that doesn't work I go to third person past tense. Neither of those worked. The only way I felt I could get inside the main characters head and bring the reader along was to do first person present tense and I absolutely hate writing like that, but, I am really glad with how it turned out.

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