The Great Food Debate
By: JayM

The health food propagandists are at it again and a recent conversation between one and yours truly at the morning feed frenzy went thus:

"You should start your day with a slice of Aloe Vera, followed by Green Tea with Oat biscuits, a Tomato/Spinach Omelette with ragi, oatmeal & sesame seeds." She chimed, smiling through an early morning lilt.

"Gobbledygook! UGH!" I grimaced.

"It's a breakfast fit for a boss."

"Whose? I exclaimed, panic sneaking up my spine. "If I had a boss who ate like that, I'd run as far away from the madwoman as I could. No telling what else she'd be capable of."

"It cleanses your system and makes your skin bright." She insisted.

"Don't need to shine like a light bulb. And it's in violation of my appetite to eat right." Smug within my chin, I retorted.

"But it helps you garner energy." She pushed

"But what about my mental synergy?" I pulled back with fervid energy.

"It will help you get through the day."

"And will take my sanity, along, on its way."

As I held, exasperated, she yelled,

"You're a Pig, a Glutton and will never learn!"

"Big, I'm certain, & your food makes my stomach churn!"

RED, she stomped off, couldn't last, while I tucked into – my breakfast, a good repast...

7AM Aloo parathas anyone, with maybe a couple of butter fried sunny sides up?

Lets save humanity from this mad food fad.


Gorge! Is my take, and the HFPs can go jump in the lake.

A pinch of salt – Iodised, is advised.

* I find humor, and my reading glasses in odd places.


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