Review of Fallout: New Vegas for Steam
By: Pryce Less

This time lets take a look back in time a bit, Fallout: New Vegas. I played this back when it first came out and just couldn't get into it. The story was too loose, felt like it had no direction. And lets not count all the factions within the game. It just didn't feel like there was a story after getting revenge on the man who shoots you and leaves you for dead in the opening credits.

But it came on sale in Steam (Online game platform – for a few dollars. So I thought what the hell. And am I upset I didn't give it a better chance.

Once you get into it New Vegas has rich and involved story line that allows you to create the Courier (That is what the player is called in this Fallout) you want. You can be "Very Evil" all the way to "Very Good" and a title from Samaritan to Devil. A nice thing about this game is the story goes where you want it to. You can be the thief, murderer, saint, angel or grifter and still finish the game feeling satisfied.

As with all Fallout out games New Vegas takes place in Post Apocalyptic United States. Specifically Los Vegas. Los Vegas or a least part of it was saved from the nukes by Mr. House. Mr. House has never been seen by anyone alive. He has been hiding in his casino ruling the strip with an Iron fist.

Outside the strip (As New Vegas is called) there are several other groups. I will mention the two main contenders. The NCR or New California Republic is a fledgling government trying to restore law, order and freedom to all people in the area. How ever they use strong arm tactics to get what they want.

The second is the Legion. As the name indicates the Legion is based on the government of Ancient Rome. The Legion is ruled at the top by a charismatic leader, The Caesar.

The Legion is not all that different then the NCR except for the bits about slavery and summary executions of all those who oppose the Caesar.

All three of these groups are available for the Courier to make friends or enemies of. And many of the groups don't like each other. Example if the Courier makes friends with the NCR he/she cannot make friends with the Legion.

New Vegas plays exactly like Fallout 3. So experienced Fallout 3 players can pick it up pretty quick. And as for new players no previous experience is necessary it plays like any other FPS. The only thing a new player might find confusing is the V.A.T.S. (Vault–Tec Assisted Targeting System). This mechanic allows the player to freeze the combat and choose where you want to shoot your target. The number of shots depends on you Action Point pool. Pretty good for multiple enemies or making that difficult shot.

All in all a good game. I would give it a 4 out of 5 . And I recommend that lovers of the FPS give this game a shot and don't let its slow start push you away.

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