You Know it to be True (Way of the Sith)
By: Kevin Magnus

I searched my feelings and found nothing,
And around me I find disgusting.

Has all the pain in life made me numb,
Jailed with drunks and fiends made me scum?

I am expected to long to be loved,
But that emotion has long since been shoved.

And, there is nothing but emptiness,
I cannot believe in perfect bliss.

No desires, no lustful thoughts,
Like dried up old blood that clots.

Only in a thoughtless, emotionless void,
Disproving the theories of Sigmund Freud.

It is not that I do not believe in love,
It should be openly shared, free as a dove.

But I know I will never get a second chance,
People like me are not supposed to find romance.

To get another chance to bite at the apple,
To be able to hold hands inside a chapel.

Or am I just so used to mortal pain,
With all my hopes and dreams already slain.


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