Thorne Part One
By: Susanne Thomas

'Tis An Ill wind that Blows No Good

It's the silver lining principle
Thorne had relied on it for his entire life.
He'd depended on it.

Because his life, all of life,
is hard and full of crashing rains and thundering fire.
When the dragons laid waste to his village,
but spared his own hide,
leading him to seek shelter from those who would become friends,
he'd found comfort.

When the plague swept the land
and skipped his already sickly body,
allowing him time to recover and
grow stronger as everyone he knew perished, he'd sought peace.

When the ship had sunk in a grand typhoon
but pushed him, broken, to a shore of an inhabited island
to be healed by the woman who would become his love,
he gave thanks and made offerings to all the God's he'd ever heard of.

When he'd smashed his head against a tree
and so was in a doctor's hut
when the barbarians had come
to steal able-bodied men to fight,
he stopped even questioning.

The silver lining principle wrapped about his very soul.
As he sits in this moment,
lashed to the mast of a ship,
being thrown about by a gale blowing fierce and strong
bleeding from a beating by pirates
who'd taken his ship just hours before the squall rose up,
he clung to that thought.

The ill wind would surely not abandon him now.


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