New Beginnings
By: Christopher Bice

I lost the forward stabilizers and I knew I was about to die,
The Mother ship exploded like a fiery Fourth of July.
Like a surgeon's knife, the meteor cut through the forward bridge,
Snuffing out those precious lives like a fiery burning midge.

If only I can get to a pod I might escape this fiery fate,
I'll take my chances out there but first I must escape.
There's a small planet just off the port side,
I hope that I can make it, the pods on auto glide.

I landed on the deserted planet, glad to be alive,
Cautiously I opened the hatch to have a look outside.
A hazy looking atmosphere, a red sun is in the sky,
Steadying myself, I wondered what caused the locals all to die.

Might have been a nuke, more likely quite a few,
It left the air quite hazy with this morning's heavy foggy dew.
It's taken a thousand years, for life to grow up from the ground,
Plenty of mutated animals are roaming all around.

Could have been worse places for me to crash and die,
Suddenly I see another streak across that crimson sky.
The pod makes a rough landing and she comes crawling free,
I realize that she's the botanist; I think her name is Eve.

We come to realize that we alone survived that fiery fate,
Crashing on this little blue planet a thousand years too late.
Hello my name is Adam, I believe that yours is Eve,
Could be a long time till we're rescued; let's wait under this apple tree.


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