Wool of Time
By: Melissa Small

As an adventurer my day started as normal. Waking up under a tree freezing cold and hungry. Ohh I'm guessing your wondering who I am. Well dear people I'm Twi'ani the …ya no title as I'm not that class of person. Just a wanderer looking for work. Just me in my leather run down armour, missing a few pieces of straps here and there. At one time my hair was black but with the sun and years one the road. Its faded to dark brown with grey highlights. The usual beard with grey life lines and an old leather hat. I carry with me my family sword and shield. They are worn but have served me well in many a fight.

I slowly got to my feet and kept on following the road heading for the nearest town. As an adventurer the road is my home and the villages and towns I stop in are just an extra part of the travels.

This day was like no other. I was just wandering down another road like all the others when I heard horse feet approaching fast. I moved off the path just in case it was highwaymen heading towards me. My luck held as two children riding a carriage horse came galloping along the road ahead of me. The horse stumbled and the young maiden fell off the horse landing a few feet from my feet, I rushed out of the bushes to see if she was alright.

The boy swung the horse around and galloped back over towards us.

"Leave my sister alone you beast." He said as he tried to get his horse to run over me.

I grabbed the reins of the horse and pulled the boy off. "Relax kid not here to rob you, you look too poor." I replied

"We have to keep going they will find us." The boy said anxiously.

His sister opened her eyes and started to cry.

"Easy little one." I said. "Are you okay?

She blinked her little scared blue eyes at me and looked around me to see her brother. Like a shot she jumped up and ran to her brother and hid behind me. "Who is he? "she whispered to her brother.

"My name is Twi'ani. I'm just passing through here." I replied. "Where are your parents?"

"Dead!" The boy spat out. "We can't stay here they are coming. "

"Who?" I asked.

"They creatures that killed our parents and destroyed our town. " He began to cry and then turned, grabbed his sister to helped her back up on to the horse. "Leave while you can Sir." He said and jumped up behind his sister. "This place is cursed. Leave while you still can." He then turn his horse back to the trail and galloped off.

I watch them ride off down the trail and looked ahead. What where theses kids so afraid of?

So me being me I have to go look. I started walking again down the road from which they came.

For awhile I saw nothing but trees and the road. As I round the top of a small hill, I then could see smoke ahead in the distance. It was leading to a small village that I could see. It didn't look inviting. I picked up my pace and as I round the next corner, I saw a group of people camped by the road.

I stopped but it was too late. They saw me. Preparing for a fight I set my hand on my sword.

"Relax" said the dark-skinned man in green leather armour by the fire. "If we wanted you dead, you'd be dead by now. I'm Hecock, a Kings man. I'm here to see what happened to the village behind us." He gestured down the path.

"This is Gee," nodding to a medium size man with gold hair to his shoulders and wearing leather armour standing over by the tree with his bow.

"Lafia our cook," he acknowledged a young women about 5 ft tall with long red hair wearing a brown leather dress and black pants "as well she's got fast magic hands. Never seen a fireball move so fast"

"That is our guide Squeaky ." He pointed at a grey very over weight cat. It's a Cat. I brushed that off as a joke.

"We've had news of attacks by strange beasts in the area. So the King has sent us into investigate and deal whatever we find." Hecock explains. "We lost a few men on our way here to an attack last night. We could use your help."

I nodded as I walked over to the camp fire. I sat down across from Hecock. "So what attacked you last night?" I asked. The young women named Lafia offered me a drink. I took it, drank some and passed it back to her.

"We don't know. We camped here for the night and around the hour of the high moon something came out of the dark. Small white and fierce. They took off with four of our people and when we went to look for them we found them drained of all liquids and left in the open all but one. One was found dead in a tree after he almost fell on me. What ever it was. Its fast and it can climb."

I looked around at the others. "Maybe we should check this town out in the light?" I suggested.

"He's got a point!" Gee said. "Plus, we have a few more numbers. Well one more. Helps the odds." He added.

"So its settled. " Hecock said. He reach down and picked up a long pole and then began to sing. The night passed peacefully.

We moved into town early in the morning. I'm not much into the arts or culture or well, town life, but the guy wasn't bad and his song from last night was very inspiring. As we grew closer to the town Hecock raised his hand. "Movement on the left." He whispered

"And movement on our right." Said Gee as he drew his bow.

"Easy Gee just in case it's a villager. " Lafia whispers

Then to our left walked out a sheep. Just a little sheep. About the size of a yearling. It came closer and that was when we saw the blood on its wool. "Stay back kids." I heard Hecock say. "Something is not right here."

"Four more to our Left." Gee said aiming his bow and loosed an arrow into one of the sheep. It died and the other two began to make a run for Gee. Lafia raised her hands and fire rose down over the sheep and they burst into flames, falling over on to their sides.

Then to our right again the street began to fill with sheep. All of the sheep had blood on them. "To the inn. " Hacock yelled.

I followed the group into the inn and we closed the door. I helped them put the tables against the door as we could hear the BAAAA of hell that was behind the door.

"What is wrong with the Sheep." Lafia said.

That's when it spoke. "Vampic Sheep." The cat replied. It actually talks. That CAT talks.

"Alright who's messing with me? I replied in shock. "Last I checked cats don't talk."

"My apologies stranger." He replied and then he grew from a cat to a human in front of my eyes.

If not for having a sword I would have shot him with my bow. I stared at the druid in awe. I'd only heard the stories I never believed them.

"Sorry for the fright sir. " He replied. "As for the sheep. We have a huge problem."

"Agreed," Hacock said. "We have to get to higher ground and see what we are dealing with."

"Can you take our backs, Lafia in middle, Gee side her, and Squeaky. " But the man was no where to be seen. " Druids!" Hacock mumbled. "We go up to the loft and get to the roof." Hacock commanded.

I stopped for a second as I wasn't going to be told what to do when a Sheep dove through the glass window across from the bar. It landed on its side dead but it left a hole for more sheep to follow. So we ran. Up the stairs and to the nearest room. We all ran in and locked the door. The room was small. One window and for our luck it was right next to the stairs for outside to get to the roof. Gee shot out the window with his bow and we jumped out. Up the wooden stairs to the roof top.

As I ran up and stairs I could here a Baa behind me. And right behind me was five sheep hopping up the stairs chasing us. I stopped, drew my sword and swung my sword taking the head off the first sheep. Watching it sail through the air and landing in the street below. The next sheep lunged at me and I stabbed it in the chest. I cut my way through the rest of the sheep and then followed the rest up the stairs.

When I got to the top and on to the roof I looked over the edge to see the streets where packed with sheep. There was sheep everywhere. I looked over at Gee who was pinging the sheep off one by one. "This is too slow." I said and I reached into my travelling bag and pulled out a long stick with a burnt knob on one end. I grabbed an arrow from Gee's quiver and waved the stick over the arrow. The arrow now glowed a dull red. "Fire this at that group of sheep." Gee did and well the explosion was loud. There were sheep parts flying everywhere.

Gee looked at me. "What the hell was that. " he asked.

"Fire power." I replied. Gee and I did it again. Okay I will not lie this was fun for a bit but more and more sheep just kept coming.

"We need a miracle or more arrows." Gee replied. "A miracle first. The wand of fire is out of charges" I groaned.

It was then I saw it moving slowly through the sea of sheep ,two men in sheep skin hiding among the sheep. "Gee," I replied. "I need your bow."

He looked at me and then back out at the sheep. "What do you see?"

"Weresheep." Gee tossed me his bow and I took a shoot. I hit the closest moving target and it howled in pain. I then grabbed another arrow but this time I grabbed a bottle out of my bag and poured it on the arrow. I then fired. I hit the target again but this time it exploded and a wave of magic went over the sheep. The sheep stopped moving forward and looked at the sheep skin man and then back at us. Then they changed.

"Lafia…Magic that man." I yelled. Lafia stood up from behind Hacock and her hands sparked and fire flew out of her hands and ran over the sheep skin man. He howled in pain and fell over but he wasn't dead yet. He then rose off the ground and flew toward us.

"Form ranks!" Hacock yelled. As he raised his staff and began to sing.

Lafia raised her hand ready to fire.

Gee fired a few shots but they bounced off the man.

I pulled my sword and shield. I yelled out my gods name " Glaore" and the creature stopped short of the roof top. It glared at me.

"Warrior, of the south you're along way from home. You will not be returning." It hissed.

Lafia took the chance and cast a ball of fire the size of a wagon at the man. It bounced off him and hit the house across the road. Lighting it on fire. Great now the town was on fire.

He then cast a spell pushing the others back. Trying to push them off the roof top to the waiting sheep below.

He then did a huge mistake. As he was pushing them, he moved closer and then on to the roof top. I then slipped in behind him and put my IRON blade through his back. He screamed in terror and dropped to the ground. I then took my blade around and cut him across his middle splitting the guy in half. I didn't leave it there I cut him into a few more pieces before the other got to me. "Fairies" I complained

"Is that it? " Lafia asked. Looking around to see the sheep leaving the area.

"I think so." I then reached down and picked up the amulet that was buried in the things robes. "Let's not let this get out. Do you have a magic bag?" I asked Lafia. She nodded and pulled out a leather bag and we dropped the amulet in the bag.

"I need a drink," Gee said as he walked back down the stairs to the bar.

"I think we all do but take it for the road this town is going to burn and I don't want to be around for this." Hacock said.

"I love to travel with you guys if its alright?" I asked. "Are you headed towards Azunnia ?" I asked.

"We pass that on our way back to the King. We could use a good sword on our travels. Please join us." Hacock said.

"Thanks, and let's get to the mead before the fires do." I said as I followed the group down the stairs.



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