These Nights by 'The Gurl of Myth' Rebecca C. Lofgren


These Nights
By: 'The Gurl of Myth' Rebecca C. Lofgren

I hate these dark nights; they're always rushing over me.
I can't leave them behind, I can't be free.
I close my eyes and dream of a place
that lies behind my memories.
Why must my days play over and over?
I need time to recover, to gather my pain.
My essence of life has just disappeared--
there's no wondering why I have no fear.
Why must we all be forsaken in this world?
I just wanna run, I just wanna turn--
there's no looking back to what I have done.
I have no guilt, I have no regret,
but I really want to be different; different like everyone else.

About the Author

RCL unveils yet another talent, as she brings forth her brand of mystical and surreal poems.
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